10 Reasons why you should Opt for Home Health Care?

Posted: January 2, 2012 in health
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There is nothing like the security and comfort of your very own home when you are sick or recovering from a disease. Research has shown that home health care services are best for individuals who are living with a disability or chronic illness. Today, there is an increasing demand for home care services that allow individuals to heal and recover in their own environment. Here are the top 15 reasons why you should go for a home health care option for a loved one.

  • It is delivered at your very own home. There is a distinct positive feeling that is often associated with homes. When people get sick, they often stay at home. A home is a place where people find peace and happiness with their loved ones.
  • Home health care keeps families together. There is no more important social value in times of illness than being together and comforting one another.
  • Home care gives elderly people a feeling of independence. You wouldn’t want to be helpless and dependent on other people. With some assistance, seniors can still function as feasible members of the society.
  • Home care prevents institutionalization. Only a few individuals opt to be placed in an institution, unless it is the only place where they can get the 24-hour care that they need.
  • Home care enhances the healing process. A lot of research studies have shown that patients heal more quickly in their very own homes.
  • Home care gives patients more freedom. Nursing homes and hospitals offer regulated and controlled environments while home care services provide a more personalized setting.
  • Home care is affordable. In most cases, home care is less expensive compared to other types of health care. Hospital care is often 10 times more expensive than home care.
  • Home care involves the family in the care provided. The client and the family are encouraged to participate in their own health care. They are taught how to get well and to prevent recurrence of disease.
  • Home care extends life. A study conducted by the U.S. General Accounting Office has showed that individuals who are receiving home health care services tend to live longer and experienced a better quality of life.
  • Home care is given by a special group of people. In general, individuals who work for home care agencies often view their work not as a job, but a calling. Home health care workers are trained professionals that are dedicated to their work.

Home health care services are perfect for families who need to work or take some time away from their care giving responsibilities. Find the best home care agencies here.


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