Online Tutoring versus Traditional Tutoring

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Education
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The innovations in the technological filed has made the Internet accessible to millions of people every day. The rate of computer literacy is slowly on the rise and this has opened up avenues for people; one of which is online tutoring. Parents are beginning to notice the benefits of online tutoring services these days. Just like conventional tutoring, online tutoring allows students to master their lessons from the convenience of their very own homes. Online tutoring is also a more convenient way for children and parents who are struggling with a busy schedule.

Tutoring Expense

Traditional learning institutions are generally expensive. When you are looking to reduce costs, online tutoring is a viable choice. Most online learning institutions even offer free study materials to their students.


Online tutoring helps a student finish difficult assignments and is focused towards getting good grades. However, this method lets your kids master their lessons at the comfort of their very own homes. Since the Internet is perhaps already a part of your kid’s daily activities, incorporating educational programs into their online time is pretty much easier than convincing them to study using traditional methods. Studying online also enhances a student’s ability to research online and typing skills. All of these skills are crucial in today’s professional world. Building up these skills will help ensure a successful future.

Individual Attention

Online tutoring isn’t just attractive and convenient for more students, it also implements more individualized lesson plans. People often think of online tutoring as something designed for the masses. However, online tutoring programs offer individualized lessons to match a learner’s needs. Moreover, these programs also cater to an individual’s learning speed. Not all kids learn at the same pace and rate and rushing lessons may not be efficient after all. Online tutoring services eliminate this concern because children advance when they are finally ready, and not when a tutor suggests a specific time.

Online tutoring isn’t for everyone. There are students who aren’t motivated enough and may use their study time browsing the Internet for other matters. There are individuals who prefer hands on learning approach from one-on-one sessions. The goals of conventional and traditional learning methods are pretty much the same—improve academic abilities.  The only way for you to identify which method works for you is by giving it a try. Read online tutoring service reviews before even signing up for a program.


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