Top 5 Portable Document Scanners

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Growing your Business
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Portable scanners enable you to scan and manage business cards, receipts and other documents while on the road. Through a portable document scanner, travelers can easily manage receipts, cards and other documents that they need to digitize. Portable scanners are popular authors, sales people and insurance adjusters. A lot of today’s mobile scanners already feature innovative features that are found in desktop scanners like automatic document feeder and duplexing. Find out the best portable scanner that will work for you with the help of this guide.

Xerox Travel Scanner 100

Portable scanning doesn’t need to be expensive—this is what the Xerox Travel Scanner 100 is all about. If you are looking for a device that combines cost effectiveness and portability, then this device is right for you. This portable document scanner features a 24-bit color depth, 600 dpi optical resolution and an 8-bit monochrome depth. The scanner conveniently connects to your laptop using USB technology. For a price of only $149.99 and dimensions of 1.5 x 2 x 11.4 inches, this Xerox scanner proves that portability doesn’t have to rob you off your bank.

Ectaco C Pen 20

The Ectaco C Pen 20 features a small pen style design that shows other brands that not all quality scanning emerges from a sheet-fed unit. Although this device can be quite time consuming, the C Pen is especially designed those moments when you only want to scan portions of the document and don’t want to bring around a full portable scanning device to do the task.

Plustek MobileOffice D28

The Plustek D28 is portable scanner that will bring you closer to having a full featured office scanner. Featuring a 48-bit color depth, 16-bit monochrome and 600-dpi resolution, the Plustek D28 is able to scan documents that are up to 9.45 x 14 inches. This device is famous among individuals who do research in legal libraries who need to scan big documents. With the price of $269.99, the Plusteck D28 is definitely worth your money.

Fujitsu S300

The Fujitsu S300 is a close facsimile to an office or home scanner with its 8.5 x 14.17 inches maximum document size and 600 x 600 dpi resolution. The device is able to hold 10 letter sheets at one time and is able to see JPG and PDF proofs with its thumbnail viewer. For a price of only $269.99, it is similarly priced to the devices mentioned above.

Plustek MobileOffice D600

The Plustek D600 is perfect for scanning small documents. The device features a 16-bit monochrome, 48-bit color and 600-dpi color resolution. This scanner works well for insurance adjusters, salespeople and those who need to keep track of business cards.

Read more portable scanner reviews online and find out which devices suits you.



  1. Raj says:

    hie, can u tell me, flip pal scanner can use recently send a email of which flip pal scanning at time????
    mean to say spouse, i use for scan and then after few mint. i will send a file to my email id which i scand, that is possible or not??

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