Ways to Backup Cell Phone Device

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Growing your Business
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Whether you use your mobile phone for business or pleasure, chances are, you may have racked an important list of names and numbers. What will happen when your phone gets stolen, lost or broken? Will your address book contacts be lost forever in a snap? Well, they don’t have to be. With the help of advance planning, you can backup cell phone device.

Smartphones are able to sync your data wirelessly using online based services offered by Yahoo!, Google and the Microsoft Exchange Server. Creating an account is free and worth your time with the protection it provides. You can now access your phone contacts anywhere in the globe, even without a phone. There are also devices that feature desktop software that will sync the data on your phone and PC.

  • Android. These phones are able to sync with Google accounts, Microsoft Exchange and Yahoo! without the need for desktop software.
  • Blackberry. You can now conveniently sync your phones with the Blackberry Enterprise Server, Outlook, Yahoo!, and Lotus Notes to back up data, photos and other media files.
  • Windows Phone 7. The Windows Phone lets you wirelessly sync into your Windows Live, Google and Yahoo! accounts. The Zune software lets you sync media files from mobile phone to PC.
  • iPhone iOS. iPhones can wireless sync to your Google and Yahoo! accounts. The iTunes desktop application lets your sync with Outlook as well.

SIM Card Readers

There are phones that let you save your contacts on a SIM card. If your contact numbers are stored on a SIM card, then you might as well get a SIM card reader that will let you transfer information to your computer storage. There are memory card readers which also feature a slot for SIM cards.

Mobile Carrier Back Up Cell Phone Options

All major carriers provide a back up cell phone service for their consumers. AT&T features a mobile backup service for only $1.99/month. Phone contacts that are saved on the Mobile Backup can only be synced to other AT&T phones. The Verizon Backup Assistant is a free service that lets users run daily automatic backups. On the other hand, T-Mobile lets their subscribers sync their address book contacts to their respective T-Mobile accounts. Sprint Mobile also offers a free service for selected handsets that enables them to manage up to 5,000 contacts in their address book.


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