How to Choose a Fat Camp for your Child

Posted: January 16, 2012 in health
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Also called as a weight loss camp, fit camp, or diet camp, a fat camp is a place where children and adults can go to for certain duration of time with weight loss goals in mind. A fee is usually paid by participants to stay in a place and healthy meals and weight loss activities are also provided. Exercise is designed to be more fun and exciting in fat camps and dietary guidance is also given. Sports are included to suit the needs of every individual. Other fun activities offered by these camps include racing, swimming, canoeing and other team sports. Conventional techniques of exercising may be included along with other stress management strategies.

Weight loss achievements are recognized and campers are also given guidance and support to help them follow a healthy lifestyle. And at the end of their fat camp stay, campers usually bring with them lots of fun memories and learned healthy habits. Kids tend to renew their self esteem because of the accomplishments that they have made along the way.

Choosing the Best Fat Camp

When choosing a fat camp for your child, it would be helpful to initially list down the things that you want in a camp. Jot down the most important features on top. Call these items ‘deal breakers’. Place other desired features on the bottom of the list.

Here are examples of deal breakers:

  • Must allow contact with child
  • Trained medical staff on site
  • Verifiable references
  • Must have good experience with children
  • Personnel must have experience with kids who have allergies and life threatening diseases

Examples of less important fat camp features:

  • Camp should have a swimming pool
  • Camp must include field trips outside camp
  • Camp should have a safe playground

When it comes to cost, don’t forget to include the camp location and how you’ll get your child to and from the location. Don’t hesitate to ask the camp manager for references. Credible camps usually boast their success stories and will share their reviews on their website. You can also check out the Better Business Bureau site for any complaints on a certain company.

Don’t hesitate to arrange for a visit and quick tour at the camp. Interact and ask questions to the staff while on tour. Start your search by looking at a fat camp directory online. You can also find fat camp listings on yellow pages and other journals.


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