Creating an Efficient Website

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Growing your Business
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What are some of the most important qualities of a good website? If you’re like most people, then perhaps the initial thing that would come into your mind is ‘attractive design’. But the fact that attractive is pretty much a relative thing; a site’s aesthetic appeal is actually a minor factor. Here are some of the best qualities of an efficient website.

Don’t make users think.

Usability is the term that describes the ease of use of any manmade object. Apple offers usability in their products. Here are tips on how you can ensure excellent usability on your site:

  • Create a vivid hierarchy on every page.
  • Make all links obvious.
  • Break the pages into defined areas.
  • Take advantage of conventions
  • Reduce noise and other distracting elements.

Create a focused and purposeful website.

People browse websites for a reason and a specific purpose. Every element on the webpage has the ability to serve users or distract their attention. All text content should be unambiguous and terse and a narrative should be made for articles and blogs.

Keep your site organized.

Online users are impatient so if they don’t find what they are looking for in seconds, they’ll resort to another website. Good content organization is critical to the success of every website. Try to review all the aspects of web design including site navigation, site structure and page layout. If you get all three rights, then customers will want to come back for repeat business.

Aesthetics play a positive role in how successful a website; but this role tends to be a supporting one. Usability is the key for a successful website and this is the function of a good graphic design, information organization, compelling content and navigation.  A beautiful face may win you on the first date, but it takes more than that to create lasting relationships. Remember these tips when you plan to make website these days. Find a good website maker and build your very own site from scratch with these guidelines.



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