5 Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

Posted: February 25, 2012 in Online Marketing

A website serves as a pivotal component of your company. Potential clients visit your website for its content. Its usability and appearance are crucial for your business success. Having the wrong web design will negatively impact your business. Here are five web design mistakes that you need to avoid in order for you to increase your bottom line.

Poor site navigation

A lot of businesses do not make navigation their priority. Without paying attention to how users navigate your site, you may also be creating a frustrating user experience for potential visitors. Consumers visit your site for a reason and if they don’t find it quickly, they easily go elsewhere, leaving them an impression that your business is just as disorganized as your site.

No strong call to action statements

One of the many errors of many business sites is the lack of clear to action statements. If you are not leading consumers to commit a certain action (whether this is subscribing to a newsletter or purchasing a product), then you are definitely losing them one by one.

Color and contrast

Color and contrast are crucial factors in your business because these can be used to direct user attention. If your web text doesn’t have enough contrast compared to its color background, then users will have a hard time browsing and reading over your web content.


Users visit your site because of its content and how you structure this content is a crucial factor in your failure or success. But unfortunately, there are many small businesses today that get caught up loading their site with information that they overlook how the content is presented. Establish a good visual content hierarchy for users to easily scan your site and sift through important information.


A lot of small businesses cram everything into a single home page and the end result is a cluttered, busy and unreadable page. A cluttered site also leads to low traffic, high bounce rate and a bad page rank on Google. Aid visitors in finding the information they are searching for and prioritize content. Choose content and sell it well. Make sure you consider all these mistakes when creating a website.

What other design mistakes have you seen? Feel free to share…



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