4 Questions Small Business Owners Need to Ask Before Designing an App

Posted: March 4, 2012 in Growing your Business, Online Marketing
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In today’s world, there will always be an app for everything and more small businesses are starting to see the value of making their own mobile applications. The technical knowledge and cost of hiring a software development company have discouraged the production of these applications. So before you even sign that contract with your software developer, here are questions that you need to ask yourself first.

Am I trying to reach out to the most consumers possible?

Nearly 50 percent of Americans today own smartphones. If you are looking to reach the masses, then you need to know how many of your target consumers are using these mobile devices and in what platforms (Android, iPhone and etc.).

Which one is better—a mobile website or a mobile app?

It all comes down to your overall budget and knowing where your target customers are. If you currently don’t have a budget for a business app, then don’t do it for the sake of having one. If mobile advertising still works for you, then just go with that. If you think that improving your mobile website is easier, then you can do that first. Make sure you tailor marketing strategies to your customers and to your business.

Are you able to update an app?

Your mobile app isn’t like a site that you can take down in the next few months. Even if you got your software from the best app maker in town, you still need to refresh and update it. If you miss this, your business app may just end up losing.

What types of mobile phones do your customers use?

Make sure you develop an application that works for various platforms. A common mistake that most small business owners do is developing an app that doesn’t recognize where their customers are and where their firm fits the best.


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