Bozeman Jobs: What to Expect

Posted: March 21, 2012 in career tips

Bozeman is a metropolis located in Gallatin County, Montana, USA. As the fourth biggest city in the state, Bozeman is home to approximately 90,000 people. Bozeman can be viewed as Montana’s Los Angeles, a cool place to hang out.

Bozeman is actually a college town and is home to the famous Montana State University. Named after John Bozema, founder of the Bozeman Trail and the town itself, the city takes pride in its agricultural roots and educational industry. However, today farmers already rub shoulders with college students and modern shop, fancy restaurants and trendy boutiques line on the Bridger Mountains. The city is blessed with the popular Montana beauty and the slight breeze of Bohemian air.

The Job Market

Bozeman is more like a university town. The city’s biggest employers include the famous Montana State University and technological companies that engage in research and development of laser optic tools. There are also plenty of software and biotechnology companies in Bozeman. Bozeman jobs can also be found in other national companies based in the city such as the Mystery Ranch Backpacks, Gibson Guitar Corporation, and Simm’s Flyfishing. Bozeman is also home to non profit organizations such as the Yellowstone Park Foundation, Eagle Mount, American Wildlands, Montana River Action, Whirling Disease Foundation and so much more.


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