File Transfer Services

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Growing your Business

File transfer is the process of moving or transferring any kind of computer file from one system to another through various methods. These methodologies fall into 2 primary categories namely pull based and push based systems. There are usually 2 subjects involved in a transfer: the sender and the receiver. File transfer can be downloading or uploading content, depending on a person’s perspective in the transfer process.

File transfer is often synonymously used with file sharing, a type of file transfer that refers to a wide range of situations where a digital file is being transferred from one system to another. There are various methods that can implement file transfer such as email attachments, peer to peer servers, instant messaging and copying files to another portable storage.

Pull based file transfers happen when a receiver starts the file transmission request. Push based transfers on the other hand happen when the sender initiates the request. File transfer may take place in different levels such as:

  • File transfers on network systems
  • Instant messaging or LAN messenger
  • File transfer service such as HTTP or FTP
  • File transfers over peripheral devices and computers
  • File transfers over serial or modem links like ZMODEM, YMODEM and XMODEM
  • IBM Systems  Network, LU 6.2 peer to peer transfer

When a certain file transfer happens, the sender usually refers to this process as uploading while the receiver views it as downloading. In any kind of file transfer, the process happens through a push or pulls system. The email is a type of file transfer that exemplifies both push and pull being used. Today, there are plenty of sites which offer file transfer service so that you can deliver files to people easily and conveniently.


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