How to Find the Best Fitness Gym

Posted: April 11, 2012 in health

If you are looking to get in shape this year, then finding a good gym is crucial. Finding the right fitness club can be a hard task. Today’s gyms aren’t just places to sweat. For other people, they are investments for a healthy lifestyle and other people think they are social clubs where you can meet people with the same interests. So how do you choose the right fitness club? Aside from reading gym reviews online, here are some of the things that you need to consider when looking for the right club.


Do not kid yourself into believing that you can drive halfway across town just to visit the gym. When a fitness facility is closer to your home or workplace, you are more inclined to visit it. You might also want to check for cost effective parking lots, safe neighborhood and access to public transport.

Gym Reviews

Know what other people think about the gym. You can check out plenty of gym review sites online or perhaps Yelp. Ask friends, colleagues and family members for recommendations.

Price Matters

It all boils down to the cost. If a gym provides state of the art machines, experienced coaches and different classes, then an expensive monthly fee is something that you can consider. But make sure you don’t go broke with it. Negotiate your gym rates and ask for promotions.

Take it for a Test Drive

Do they offer trial membership? If you are able to try out their facility even before you commit, then you will have a good idea if the gym is right for you. Some questions you should ask yourself—are the machines always packed? Are the dressing rooms clean? do they have a sauna?

Workout Specific vs. General Fitness Gyms

If you like yoga and can’t imagine yourself do the rowing machine or treadmill, then you might want to consider enrolling in a yoga studio. It can be cheaper to sign up for a 6-month long class than pay montly gym fees.

  1. Also if your not looking for a “club” dont join one. I thought I would love Goodlife Fitness but seeing that no one really worked out they all kinda stood around machines with perfect podies, taking up space but never working out. Left there within the month..

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