Total Gym Reviews

Posted: April 11, 2012 in health

If you are searching for a compact and affordable way to exercise right in the comfort of your very own home, the Total Gym 1100 could be right for you. In comparison to the classic home gyms, the Total Gym 100 is made up of an ergonomic board that conveniently slides back and forth to strengthen and stretch the muscles. Your body weight provides the resistance and the device is equipped with hand and leg attachments for a complete body workout. The equipment weighs a total of 54 pounds and easily folds away for storage.

Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris pitched the Total Gym exercise machine, a device that can perform different exercises for the body. A person sits or lies on an inclined board that easily glides on tracks, using pulleys and that person’s body weight to work chest, arms, legs, abdominals and other parts of the body. Reviews for a lot of home fitness equipment are quite iffy, but experts have found plenty of Total Gym reviews saying that it works well for beginner and intermediate exercisers, although it does have its own share of drawbacks (like the high cost).

A lot of owners appreciate the fact that the equipment is already fully assembled. A lot of beginners report that they are able to use the device right away, although there are others who find it pretty tricky to get on and off it.


ü  Offers a wide variety of exercises

ü  Great for beginners

ü  Little to no assembly required

ü  No electronics or complex parts to breaks

  • May not be challenging for some
  • Hair often gets caught up in the machine
  • Awkward or cumbersome folding
  • Expensive accessories

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