Make Money through iPhone Apps

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Growing your Business

The current marketplace is indeed teeming with so many apps. But there is still a huge opportunity for   making it big— if you are backed with a good idea. With more than three billion downloads from the iTunes store and sales of more than $200 million, the marketplace is continually booming. So how can you make money through these apps?

Getting Approved

In a highly competitive market, you need to create an app that will have a favorable review from the Apple iTunes Store. There can be plenty of negative hype concerning your initial hurdle. Apple’s standards for approving apps include the absence of pornographic and racy content and many more. When it comes to updated, fresh and inventive content, most apps are easily approved by Apple.

Marketing the App

After the app is listed on the App Store, you need to get people into downloading it. Getting your app listed on the top selling or featured categories are perhaps the best way to increase sales. So what does it take to win Apple’s support? Good and efficient design is an important quality that your app should have. Get a designer that will help you create an enhanced interface, screen shots and logos that will appear on the App Store. Aside from design, make sure that your app is technically solid. If you are creating the app yourself, it would be helpful to bring a programmer who is an expert in Objective C for some advice. Without good functionality, your app will just be lost in the water.

Think Big

The most successful apps are perhaps the most complex: social networking apps, location related apps like Glympse, FourSquare and Whrrl. These comprehensive and multi faceted apps are often born out of present businesses and may require a brilliant team of designers working on it for months.

Get Involved

Organizations and even cities invite developers and programmers to go through their data and make useful urban apps. If you are a member of an academic or tech community, holding events or speaking on a panel can hone a good audience. You will attain clout in the community and even open up yourself for business opportunities.

Read app maker reviews and find out which tool best suites you.

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    In your app maker reviews do you write about Jango

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