Portable Scanners: A Purchasing Guide

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Growing your Business

Choosing the right portable scanner can be a quite challenging task. Most devices can scan just about anything and they come in different sizes and types, made for different purposes. Here are questions that you need to ask yourself before purchasing a portable scanner.

What kinds of documents do you usually scan?

Identifying what items to scan is the key to determining which features you need in a portable scanner. Most people scan photos and documents, but the possibilities are endless—film negatives/slides, business cards, books, magazines, stamps, and etc. You should also need to consider the size of originals and whether you need to scan both document sides.

Do you require a flatbed?

For images, frail documents, 3D objects, bound materials, you probably need a flatbed. Stamps and original photos can through the sheet feeder but you don’t want to risk destroying them. If you need to scan documents mentioned above, then it would be wise to have a sheetfed scanner that features a plastic carrier to protect original documents.

Do you require a sheet feeder?

If you intend to scan documents regularly (especially documents that are two pages or more), then you should have a sheet feeder. There are sheetfed scanners can handle thick originals such as health insurance cards.

Will you duplex?

Duplexing is the process of scanning both sides of a document all at once. If you need an ADF or sheet feeder, then expect duplexing on a regular basis. The duplexing scanners usually have two scan elements and are faster than the duplexing ADFs.

What applications are installed in the scanner?

A lot of scanners work with any scan related application. And if these applications come with the applications, then you do not have to pay for it. Some of the things you want to include in your scanner would be text indexing, photo editing, PDF converters, optical character recognition and business card apps.

Check out portable scanner reviews for more information about these devices.


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