5 Things that Will Make you Look Older

Posted: April 30, 2012 in health

Gray hair, wrinkles and brown spots? When it comes to signs of aging, a lot of women are well informed of the popular suspects. But there are still unexpected factors that will make you appear older than you realize. Here are a few weird things that make you look older.

Circles under eyes

Crows feet get this bad rap but circles under eyes are equally as aging. As you get older, your skin also loses volume. This can result to a deep depression on thin layers of skin. In addition to that, there are women who have natural pigmentation on their eyes, while some have prominent blood vessels that appear as purple lines.

High school hair

Long locks may appear like the image of youth but here is an important reality check—even if you are dyeing them, having the same haircut that you used to wear in high school add years to your appearance. Longer hair drags you down. Nothing says an old woman than an outdated haircut.

Droopy earlobes

A lot of women brace themselves for some amount of sagging, but they are probably not aware of its effects on the earlobes. Skin loosens and become more lax as you age and this can result to floppy earlobes. Piercing also gets longer as the earrings are snagged and pulled.

Funky feet

As the saying goes “You can tell a woman’s age by viewing her hands but the feet tell a story of their own”. All the years of walking on high heels, flip flops and other unsupportive footwear can take toll in the form of bunions. It is similar to wear and tear phenomena.

Too sparse eyebrows

A lifetime of thinning and plucking eyebrows may result to long term sparseness. Since the brows thin out as we age, women tend to end up with an unattractive shape and arch. Try to avoid overplucking as early as you can.


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