How to Ace your SAT Exam

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Education

Do you want to ace your SAT exams? If you don’t invest time and effort for SAT and ACT preparations, then you could end up with a score that you aren’t hoping for. Here a few helpful tips on you to prepare for this exam and where to look for sample SAT questionnaires.

Build your vocabulary list with previous tests.

Get a little composition notebook where you can write down any unknown word that you face in the practice tests. There are plenty of difficult vocabulary items that have already appeared on the past tests. Every time you encounter a new word, grab the opportunity to learn it. List it down, define it and grow your vocabulary as time goes by.

Experiment with various strategies, especially with critical reading based questions.

Ideally, you should be able to read a passage once and then effectively answer most of the questions. But for many, this skill definitely takes more time. Try using different strategies for comprehension questions. You can try reading the questions first and then referencing passages.

Read topics that are not very appealing to you.

Most high school students skim through materials that they think are uninteresting. If you find yourself reading a passage over and over again, your interest slowly wanes. Increase your attention span through practice. If reading scientific passages are your weakness, practice reading through scientific articles and increase your speed through time.

If you are stuck with a math problem, begin writing.

Write diagrams, plug in numbers or draw images. Try factoring, expanding and simplifying expressions. Questions often have hidden patterns that most students miss.

Get an official SAT study guide.

Purchased a used but unmarked copy of the official study guide from stores like eBay or Amazon. You can also enroll in the official SAT online course for a more comprehensive review.


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