Bath Towel Purchasing Guide

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Home Organization Tips

When it comes to home linens, bath towels are perhaps among the most taken for granted. The benefits towels bring shouldn’t be underestimated. From its subtle aesthetic influence to the soothing calmness of warm towels, these unsung heroes of the textile industry provide more effect on your home than you may give them credit for. Here is a brief towel buying guide to help you choose the right towel for every circumstance.

The Fiber of their Being

A lot of bath towels these days are made from cotton and cotton blends. The kind of cotton fiber used in making these materials has a significant impact on its feel, durability and color fastness. Here are some of the most popular fibers used in towel-making.

  • Egyptian cotton. Also known as the “King of Cottons”, this type of fiber is highly favored in luxury markets and is priced for its long and fibrous threads. Its density produces highly absorbent cotton fibers that are breathable and strong.
  • MicroCotton. This is a trademark for high quality cotton from India. It features plush and soft fibers that create fluffy towels that absorb well and suede-like texture.
  • Organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown under controlled conditions without using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Eco-friendly dyes are used in conjunction with this material for a truly earth-friendly towel.
  • Turkish cotton. Exclusively grown in Turkey, this premium cotton features extra-long staple which produces towels with high level of absorbency, durability and comfort.
  • Pima cotton. Grown in the dry climate of southwestern United States, Pima cotton comes from the same plant as the Egyptian cotton. Popular for its rich and extra long staple fibers, this cotton fabric is prized for its absorbency and strength.
Tips from Experts

Use bath towels to jazz up your bathroom by choosing colors that play off the fixtures, walls, and flooring. Neutral color towels will look good just about anywhere. For durable towels, look for fabrics with doubled-turned edges. These are towels with hems that are reinforced by double stitching, ensuring that these fabrics will hold up to different kinds of use. Get more buying tips from bath towel review online!


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