Small Business Blogging: 5 Essential Tips

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Online Marketing

Small business blogs play a crucial role in online branding. Blogging is a great way to market your brand, establish yourself as an industry expert, and engage with consumers. Here are a few small business blogging tips to help you grow, expand, and update your company blog.

Come up with compelling content.

Nobody wants to read blogs that aren’t informative, interesting, or informative. You don’t have to create a Pulitzer-worthy blog post; you need a content that is worth your audience’s time. Know who you are writing for and the issues that they are interested in.

Integrate search engine optimization strategies.

Employ SEO techniques to make your blog more visible for search engines. While this step may appear pretty complex, there are a simple ways on how you can make your blog more search-engine friendly. You can use keywords in your blog title, subheadings, and even in naming accompanying images. Check out SEO reviews online and find an experienced marketing firm to help you optimize your blog.

Capture user attention.

It is hard to capture user attention through blogs. People scan web pages quickly and if your title isn’t that appealing, then you lose one customer right away. So how do you capture the reader’s attention? Here are a few tips:

  • Open your post with a rhetorical question that gets a reader thinking.
  • Share anecdotes that can make readers laugh or establish the main point of your blog.
  • Invoke the mind’s eye by using words like ‘do you recall when’, ‘imagine’, and ‘picture this’.
  • Include a shocking statistic.
Update blog regularly.

Blogging is a skill that gets easier with practice. And as you get more comfortable with writing a blog, from generating ideas to sharing it through social media platforms, you’ll find that it becomes easier over time. Decide how often you want to blog. Updating your blog regularly also adds to your SEO efforts as it attracts search engines.

Share content across social media platforms.

Unless you are writing a blog for friends and relatives, you want to share your content to more people. And for small business owners, it is important that you share your blogs to consumers, clients, and loyal fans online. Install share buttons to make it easy for readers to share your blog to their friends and online networks.


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