5 Tips to Showcase your Resume Online

Posted: June 20, 2012 in career tips
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If you are applying for a job opening that requires innovative thinking, problem-solving, or creativity, a good way to make your credentials stand out is through a distinct digital resume. Featuring your resume online will not only highlight your creativity, but also demonstrates programming, designing, writing skills, and many more. If you opt to go for the creative route, always keep in mind that content still counts. Here are a few ways on how you can make your resume shine brighter than the rest.

Make an infographic

If you will be working with visuals or data on the job, create beautiful infographic resume that will leave potential employers in awe. These are packed with information, and are a great way for you to strut your stuff. 

Create a video

A multi-media resume enables hiring managers to get a feel of your personality and talents before even the interview. And since cultural fit and likeability are high priorities in considering candidates, introducing yourself in a video can put you on top of the game. You need to have multimedia editing skills and an upbeat personality to make this technique work.

Utilize a QR code

Also known as bar codes, QR codes present numerous opportunities. The code is not that hard to generate. The hard thing is finding the right code that will impress potential employers. The hiring manager should understand and appreciate this kind of technology before applying this in your pitch.

Go digital

Aside from LinkedIn, you can also display your resume on your very own URL. And just like the rest of the options, you might want an old school paper resume too, just in case the hiring manager asks for it. If you are applying for a web design or software development firm, a digital resume is sufficient.

Pitch your credentials with a PowerPoint

If you are looking to work for a presentation-inclined firm, a PowerPoint presentation is a wise choice for you. For perfection, ask a resume writing service to proofread or improve your resume before transferring it online. Read resume service reviews and find the best firm for you. You can also include ideas on how the firm can become more successful and the role you will play on it.


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