Small Business Tools: Offering a Toll Free Number

Posted: June 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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A toll free number can be a boon for businesses. It helps cut through the competition by taking one key step out of the calling process. Customers can either look in the yellow pages for your contact number when they are looking at a myriad of ads or they can easily recall your number and pick.


Sending an important message

A toll free number signifies that you think about your customers on a really simple level that appeals to them. Well, what is not to like when it is a free call! Toll free numbers can also reduce perceived geographic boundaries between an organization and its consumers. It lets businesses extend their scope across the nation or even around the world. It also sends a message to clients that they can conveniently reach company representatives anytime and anywhere. Toll free numbers should be viewed as a marketing and sales strategy. It lets businesses touch their customers and allow consumers to touch potential vendors.

Is it worth the cost?

Today, prices of toll free numbers have significantly decreased. You can now find a good toll free plan for as low as $10. These affordable 800 number services are great investments that can potentially increase revenues. But remember that there is a risk of international callers that may add up to your bill. Fortunately, most 800 number providers already offer a special feature that will block international numbers from reaching your toll free number.

Take it anywhere

A great feature about 800 numbers is that they are portable. If your company moves from one state to another, you don’t have to get a new number. All you need to do is call your provider to re-route the calls temporarily to another number, and then bring it back when you have transferred your phone services to the new location.

A greater picture

Toll free numbers should be viewed as only a part of the organization’s overall marketing plan. Companies also need to consider other sales strategies such as online marketing and traditional media advertising.


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