6 Ways to Save on Grocery Shopping

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Has your food budget taken a hit in the last few years? Here are a few tips on how you can save money on groceries and move your way towards freedom from debt.

Bigger is better

Pick products from bottom and top shelves. Bigger sizes of items offered at lower prices are usually placed on the lowest and highest shelves at grocery stores. Expensive, smaller-sized products are often positioned at consumers’ eye level.

Say goodbye to name brands

Purchase store brands instead of name brands. In terms of quality, store brands are often close to market leaders yet less expensive. As a matter of fact, the same manufacturer that produces branded items often makes house brands as well.

Avoid processed and packaged foods

Try to do away with prepared, packaged foods. Aside from being healthy, fresh produce are also affordable. According to a study from Consumer Reports, two pounds of carrots only cost $1.30, compared with $7.20 for the same amount of pre-cut sticks.

Be a club member

These club programs offer members and cardholders “members only” deals and savings on selected grocery products, a benefit that can help you save as much as 18% on your total bill. Now, here’s the catch—the stores actually keep tabs on what consumers are buying to study the various segments of the entire shopping population.

Use coupons to save

Look for coupons in magazines and online websites. You can search for online coupons on coolsavings.com or on the grocery website itself. Coolsavings.com offer deals on popular consumer items. You can also find coupons on newspapers, magazines, and other publications.

Warehouse it

Join a local warehouse club in your community. Bulk retailers like Costco and BJ’s Wholesale Club can be 20% to 50% cheaper compared to regular stores when it comes to products like coffee, bottled water, vegetables, canned beans, and condiments.



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