Web Directories: How Do they Work?

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Growing your Business

Also known as a link directory, a web directory is an online directory that specialzies in linking to other sites and categorizing links. A web directory organizes websites by subject and is usually managed by humans, instead of a software. As a website visitor, you look at websites that are organized in a series of menus and categories. These link collections are usually less than what most search engines have, since the websites are overlooked by human eyes and not web spiders. There are two ways for websites to be included in a directory’s listings—the website owner can submit his/her site by hand or the directory editors come across the site and add it to the list.

Human Edited Web Directories

A human edited web directory is developed and maintained by individuals who add links to their site based on their policies and rules. These directories are often looked by SEO marketers on the basis that links from credible sites will improve their search engine ranking. There are some directories that ban web crawlers from rating a link by using nofollow attributes, redirects, and other techniques. Most human edited directories are edited by volunteers, who are experts in specific categories. Human edited web directories are often criticized because of their long delays in approving link submissions, or for their strict organizational structures and arguments among volunteer editors.

Bid for Position Web Directories

Also tagged as bidding web directories, these bid for position directories paid for inclusion directories where sites are listed according to their respective bid amounts. The more you pay for your site, the higher up it gets listed in the directory webpage. With higher listing, your site becomes more visible and this increases your click through rates as well.


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