4 Smart Ways to Get the Most Out of the Cloud

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Home Organization Tips
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A lot of people think that the cloud is a magical online space that is usually meant for tech-savvy professionals and businesses. But in reality, the cloud can also provide busy families a wide variety of time-saving, helpful resources that are quick to update and easy to employ. The cloud is a great way to save, share, and collaborate. Find out these tips on how your family can make the most out of cloud computing.

Save copies of important documents

You easily feel frustrated when you’re in a bind and you can’t find important documents.  But with the help of cloud services, you may now access important files anywhere and in any device. There are plenty of free online storage sites these days that already adopt the cloud technology. Keep commonly misplaced information in the cloud, such as a copy of an insurance card, medical history, and special items, such as your AAA automobile card.  Make sure you store sensitive information in a locked or password-protected file.

Keep your family’s to do list

Cloud computing can help coordinate family activities using Google Docs. All you need to do is add the entire family in a spreadsheet and then invite everyone to edit the file. The document can be used in tracking drop off schedules, grocery lists, and important dates. With an updated list, make sure each family member is involved with household planning, while preserving open discussions in the house.

Use it for entertainment

Aside from work, the cloud can also be used for entertainment. A cloud connected house offers access to a multimedia library that can be stored and catalogued in the cloud, enabling easy access. For instance, family members can use the iCloud to store videos, photos, and movies. This also makes mobile sharing easier from any device.

Manage vacations in the cloud

Planning and organizing vacations deals with a lot of details. From the roundtrip flights to your family’s packing list, there are plenty of factors that need to be arranged for a successful trip. When disaster strikes and you’re away from your desktop computer, it would be wise to backup online receipts, travel itineraries, reservations, maps, and etc. in the cloud.


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