Web Hosting: 4 Warning Signs that You Need to Watch Out For

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Growing your Business, Online Marketing, technology
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Given the huge number of web hosts and the industry’s competition, web hosting can be a tricky business. Countless small web hosting services and even the big ones (like Exodus) have cut staff to minimize operational costs. If your web host goes under, then you might experience issues to. Your business site can be down for an extended period of time, or at least until you can find a better provider and transfer all your files to a new server. Aside from this major hassle, you also lose sales. Make sure you know the danger signs of a web host provider that is in trouble to avoid losing revenue. Is your web hosting provider sounding shaky these days? Here are some of the most common indicators that your provider is in danger of folding.


Lack of customer support

This is perhaps one of the easily observed signs that your web host provider is in trouble. If your provider isn’t able to promptly respond to your emails or if you receive auto responses, then you need to be suspicious. The organization may have lain off support staff and may indicate financial struggles.


Web hosting firms in trouble are usually the ones that offer free services orcharge so little that they cannot profit from it. If your provider is a public firm, know if it is actually turning in profits. If they are aren’t, then prepare to change host. For private hosting companies, it can be harder to find out if they are profitable. But generally, if your web hosts offers hosting at a very low price, then you might want to ask yourself if the business gets revenue at all.

Media attention

Most web hosts are low-profile. If your provider is being covered in the news, then it better be positive publicity or you should be really nervous. If a news brief or article mentions company buyout, layoffs, or management changes, then you need to be suspicious. When your web hosting company changes hand, this doesn’t mean that you need to find a new provider immediately. You need to investigate on policy changes that might happen in between ownership changes.

Decreased hosting services

Withdrawal of services that your host has formerly offered may indicate an attempt to reduce financial losses. Find out any price increases that your hosting company has implemented in the last few months. Businesses increase prices from time to time and may not always cause for an alarm. But if the service decrease or price tag increase is implemented in a less upfront way, then the organization may be avoiding disclosing these changes in an attempt to save a struggling business.

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