GoDaddy Online Shopping Cart Builder: A Review

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Growing your Business, Online Marketing

GoDaddy isn’t just a leading domain registrar, but is also the organization behind one of the best online website builders today. Although the company is best known as a domain name registrar, they also offer various tools and services for small businesses, such as search engine optimization, website builder, site statistic reporting, and email marketing.

GoDaddy’s Ecommerce Site Builder ranks pretty high in terms of security, but not too much for layout. The homepage is probably one of the busiest and most confusion on the web, packed with prices, menu choices, offers, and text/image links. It is still possible to find the things you need, and the plethora of choices it offers is a great indication of the things that you can expect when you sign up for the company’s services.

GoDaddy offers three website builder plans at the moment namely Economy ($5.09/month), Deluxe ($7.64/month), and Premium ($12.74/month). All of their plans include more than 300 templates with 2000 plus design options, more than 70 pre-built templates, free stock photos, drag and drop website builder,  no setup fees, and free hosting, email, 24/7 support, and free Google Webmaster tools.

If you are looking for a website that is easy to make, the Economy plan may fit you. For small business owners who are looking to build an online presence, GoDaddy recommends getting the Deluxe plan for a beautiful, and full featured ecommerce site. For maximum features and storage space, go for the Premium account that also comes with SSL certificate.


GoDaddy’s new solution quick shopping cart features Flash support, audio/video players, RSS, and many more. GoDaddy definitely stands out with its traffic reporting and great shipping and shopping cart tax options.


The builder’s confusing sign-up has plenty of options. Many experts say that the components of the site are poorly integrated and that their email account provision is pretty stingy. A lot of people also say that the products log you out often.

Before even signing up for a contract, make sure you read website builder reviews online and check the best packages out there.

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