What is BlackBerry up to in India?

Posted: October 21, 2012 in Growing your Business, technology
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BlackBerry has been investing in the Indian market for a while now. The investment has proved more successful than its major rivals and one that has increasingly solidified in recent times. In the face of rising concerns over national security in India, recent years have seen the Indian government contemplate a temporary ban of the handsets in order to push RIM to give access to encrypted services to the government, a request the firm has made clear it could not satisfy. The importance of BlackBerry for India was underlined when the government dropped all possibilities for a ban, and rather focused its efforts on tackling the issue on an industry-wide level.

BlackBerry’s success in India thus far has much turned the wheels of a growing market, making India one of the fastest growing smartphone markets in the world. Especially popular is the BlackBerry Messenger instant-messaging service (BBM), which works well on all networks available. The popularity of the smartphone has created a virtual community of BlackBerry users in India, attracting more and more people, as those who look for handsets prefer to have the same as their friends and then join to this growing connected community. BlackBerry has helped to nurture this community through services like BBM.

The firm now seeks to capitalize on India’s fertile grounds even more through a holistic strategy by bringing in new touch phones and apps specifically designed for India, new competitive price plans and new products and solutions suitable for the country. RIM India also plans to focus on the large SME market in the country, bringing enterprise solutions to answer the unique needs of this particular segment. Sunil Dutt, the managing director of RIM India, said that shipments of mobile phones are predicted to grow at approximately 70% a year until 2015.

In addition, the firm has just recently launched action starts here, an Indian-based campaign currently ongoing until the 30th of September and that will allow 20 participants to win a Blackberry Bold 9900 smartphone, Torch 9810 smartphone, or Curve 9320 smartphone. At the core of the campaign is a competition that requires all participants to use Facebook in the most strategic way possible to build a supporting community and earn points. To participate in the contest, users must be residents of India. They will need to visit the relevant Facebook page for the contest, set a goal and make a pledge in one of the choices given; leading them to take what is called a BlackBerry action. Participants can then invite friends to gain support of their action, earning points by doing so, the aim being to earn as many points as possible. BlackBerry’s initiative will help the firm create a stronger presence in the Indian market, while motivating Indian residents to build further links with their communities.




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