5 Ways to Optimize your BlackBerry Phone for Business Use

Posted: November 18, 2012 in Growing your Business, technology

For most tech-savvy business professionals, there is nothing better than RIM’s versatile workstation packhorse, the BlackBerry phone. This devices are very resourceful, allowing you to easily communicate with colleagues and family, report newsworthy events, and even run a business while on the road. So, how do you make the most out of your smartphone? Check out these handy tips on how to optimize your BlackBerry smartphone for business or professional use.

Extend Your Device’s Battery Life

The mobile phone, the omnipresent digital device of our times, has become an important productivity tool that most people couldn’t live without. And there is nothing more frustrating than having your phone die on you in the middle of an important work-related task. Carrying a spare battery might just do the trick, but for individuals who hate swapping them out, an emergency external battery booster pack might be a better solution. Mobile phones last longer when apps are turned off or terminated when not in use. So the next time you check your email from your mobile device, make sure you exit from the app before leaving your phone dormant – and if you’re really worried about your battery life, disable 3G if you want to get a few more minutes of time with your phone.

Improve Reception while Out of Town

While major city areas will allow you to connect to the Internet without a hitch, problems may start when you venture further outside these hot zones. Many business owners and executives experience a frustrating decrease in reception while travelling cross-country. This is a nuisance, especially if you’re in the middle of an important conference call. The solution? A mobile reception booster will give you more bars on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Automatic Memory Cleaning

In case you still haven’t discovered this amazing feature, check out your BlackBerry phone’s automatic memory cleaning function. Constantly undertaking a wide range of complex tasks, it tends to recycle most of its memory during the day. Too much memory use may lag or slow down it down. Automatic memory cleaning is turned off on most BlackBerry models by default, but you can activate it from your main menu: Select Options > Security Options > Advanced Security Options. Scroll down until you see the ‘Memory Cleaning’ menu. After clicking ‘Enable’, several options show up on the screen. Leave the first two as ‘Yes’ and then adjust the Idle Timeout Option to five minutes or less (depending on how much you use your phone). Click on the final button to ‘Show icon on home screen’ and save your changes. You now have easy access to the manual method for cleaning your BlackBerry smartphone’s memory whenever it feels sluggish.

Backup your Device

Before deleting data in your BlackBerry smartphone, make sure you do a backup first. After you have installed BlackBerry Desktop Manager on your computer, all you need to do is connect your device to your computer. As soon as you have established this connection, the app will automatically sync with your phone’s data. Open the app up and then click on ‘Backup and Restore’ to complete the process.

Transform your BlackBerry into a Multi-Tasking Device

Go-to mobile apps like Evernote, WordPress, and Skype complement RIMs own essential offerings. These apps will help you simplify business tasks, save time, and keep you organized. Skype is great for holding meetings on the go. Manage your business blog via WordPress. Organize pictures, take down notes, and create a ‘to do’ list in the cloud with Evernote.


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