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If you are applying for a job opening that requires innovative thinking, problem-solving, or creativity, a good way to make your credentials stand out is through a distinct digital resume. Featuring your resume online will not only highlight your creativity, but also demonstrates programming, designing, writing skills, and many more. If you opt to go for the creative route, always keep in mind that content still counts. Here are a few ways on how you can make your resume shine brighter than the rest.

Make an infographic

If you will be working with visuals or data on the job, create beautiful infographic resume that will leave potential employers in awe. These are packed with information, and are a great way for you to strut your stuff. 

Create a video

A multi-media resume enables hiring managers to get a feel of your personality and talents before even the interview. And since cultural fit and likeability are high priorities in considering candidates, introducing yourself in a video can put you on top of the game. You need to have multimedia editing skills and an upbeat personality to make this technique work.

Utilize a QR code

Also known as bar codes, QR codes present numerous opportunities. The code is not that hard to generate. The hard thing is finding the right code that will impress potential employers. The hiring manager should understand and appreciate this kind of technology before applying this in your pitch.

Go digital

Aside from LinkedIn, you can also display your resume on your very own URL. And just like the rest of the options, you might want an old school paper resume too, just in case the hiring manager asks for it. If you are applying for a web design or software development firm, a digital resume is sufficient.

Pitch your credentials with a PowerPoint

If you are looking to work for a presentation-inclined firm, a PowerPoint presentation is a wise choice for you. For perfection, ask a resume writing service to proofread or improve your resume before transferring it online. Read resume service reviews and find the best firm for you. You can also include ideas on how the firm can become more successful and the role you will play on it.

Bozeman Jobs: What to Expect

Posted: March 21, 2012 in career tips

Bozeman is a metropolis located in Gallatin County, Montana, USA. As the fourth biggest city in the state, Bozeman is home to approximately 90,000 people. Bozeman can be viewed as Montana’s Los Angeles, a cool place to hang out.

Bozeman is actually a college town and is home to the famous Montana State University. Named after John Bozema, founder of the Bozeman Trail and the town itself, the city takes pride in its agricultural roots and educational industry. However, today farmers already rub shoulders with college students and modern shop, fancy restaurants and trendy boutiques line on the Bridger Mountains. The city is blessed with the popular Montana beauty and the slight breeze of Bohemian air.

The Job Market

Bozeman is more like a university town. The city’s biggest employers include the famous Montana State University and technological companies that engage in research and development of laser optic tools. There are also plenty of software and biotechnology companies in Bozeman. Bozeman jobs can also be found in other national companies based in the city such as the Mystery Ranch Backpacks, Gibson Guitar Corporation, and Simm’s Flyfishing. Bozeman is also home to non profit organizations such as the Yellowstone Park Foundation, Eagle Mount, American Wildlands, Montana River Action, Whirling Disease Foundation and so much more.

Jobs in Missoula, Montana

Posted: March 21, 2012 in career tips

Missoula is a city in Montana, USA. Located along the Biterroot Rivers and Clark Fork, Missoula is at the convergence of 5 mountain ranges in the area and is also described as the Hub of Five Valleys. Home to around 66,000 people, Missoula is also known as the second biggest city in Montana. Strategically located in the scenic Bitterroot Valley, Missoula has attracted residents out of state who want to live in Montana.

Missoula started as a trading post in the 1860s along the Mullan Military Road and is considered as the first access route from the mountains to the Eastern Washington plains. As a county seat in 1866, the city has established itself as a regional commercial center. The opening of the railroad also expanded the city’s trading area and paved the way for more shops and more jobs near the railway’s division point.

Missoula Job Market

Since the establishment of the University of Montana in 1895, Missoula has been accommodating the entire student body. It also gave the city an opportunity for a more educated workforce that isn’t available in many states. The university continues to be one of the city’s biggest employers and houses the Montana Technology Enterprise Center, the city’s only business incubator.

Some of the key business sectors that provides most of Missoula jobs include health care, transportation, education, retail shopping, financial services, government & social services, arts, culture and events. Healthcare is also a rapidly developing industry with the Community Medical Center and St. Patrick Hospital as the city’s biggest employers next to the university.

For high altitude and affordable summer resorts, check out the top mountain resorts in the country.

Vail Cascade Resort and Spa, Colorado

Just a few minutes outside downtown Vail, the Vail Cascade Resort boast a beautiful deck that peeps into an alluring infinity pool, fire pits with comfy chairs and guest spaces with panoramic views of the Gore Creek and mountain ranges. Don’t forget the alfresco dinners, hydrating massages and other high altitude massage treats at the spa.

Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe, Vermont

This Austrian-inspired chalet situated on a 2,400 acre land in the Stowe Village Mountains is perhaps one of Vermont’s best ski centers. The 2nd floor guest rooms located in the new Millennium are interconnected, making them perfect for families on vacation. The resort’s 800 foot vertical ski up to the Slayton Pasture Cabin is definitely worth it—guests who make it to the trek are given house baked bread, a soup and a cup of hot choco served on the fireside.

Jenny Kale Lodge, Wyoming

This water lily cabin features a bedroom, jetted tubs and a wood fired stove. Learn more about the surrounding area through the help of the National Park guides and their evening history talks and excursions.

Beaver Creek Lodge, Colorado

This modern chalet features a chic, cozy place away from home. Spend quality time with your loved ones perusing through the western artwork at the Grand Bohemian Gallery.

Apply for resort jobs today and get to enjoy resort life in a day to day basis. Who says you can’t mix business and pleasure?



Top US Family Ski Resorts

Posted: March 14, 2012 in career tips


Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

Situated right in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Bretton Woods Resort is known as the state’s biggest and one of the best family ski resorts these days. It is famous for its favorable weather conditions. Its east facing exposure shields the resort from the fierce northeast wind, while its good snow coverage makes it safer and family-friendly. They also feature a Kids’ Club which provides supervised games, dinners and activities.

Crested Butte, Colorado

The resort’s powdery, uncrowded Rockies’ slopes minus the ice patches make them popular for tumble-prone children and adults alike. They also boast children specific trail maps and a kid terrain park that features tabletops, rails, jumps, a mini halfpipe and rolls. Select one from around 20 guest lodgings within walking distance from condos, lifts, luxurious hotels and other amenities.

Hunter, New York

Known as the 2nd tallest peak in Catskills, Hunter Mountain is located just two hours away from Manhattan. As a popular weekend getaway of the busy New Yorkers, the resort has attracted snowboard hipsters who are looking to enhance their butters and ollies. They also offer skateboarding lessons for children and adults with a daycare program that combines short ski courses for toddlers.

Jay, Vermont

Stretching over 50 miles of terrain and more than 100 acres of terrain parks, the Jay peak features a beautiful mix of activities and opportunities for boarders and skiers from all ages. As an added bonus for its guests, the resort offers lodging options that are only a skiing distance from the mountain.

Check out ski jobs from resorts and take on your dream job! Work and have fun at the same time!

Photography contests are awesome ways to improve your photography skills. While photography can be a fun hobby, joining a competition will take your skills to the next level. Photo contests come in a variety of sizes and shapes from assignments through local competitions to friendly online competitions. Here are easy tips on how you can win a photo contest.

Compete according to the rules.

While rules can be very boring to read, they are the most important aspects of the competition. There are two primary reasons for this:

  • How will the photos be used? Every competition uses images differently and it would be crucial to consider the implication of this.
  • You can easily lose a contest by violating rules. One of the most frustrating things about contests is that you could see a lot of beautiful entries submitted incorrectly and not considered for a prize. Read the guidelines of the photo contest and find out the number of shots you can submit, what file format they should be in and etc.
Make sure you stick with the theme.

While judges make way for creativity and theme interpretation, they definitely will not allow photos that stray away from the competition’s theme. Images leave plenty of imagination to judges and how they relate to each. Try to shoot something with the photo contest in mind.

Do your homework.

It is amazing how research and logical thinking increases your chances of winning a contest. It you are joining an annual competition, try to look at the winning pieces from the previous years. These photos can offer you valuable hints and clues as to which images do well in the competition. If the contest features a major sponsor or is managed by an organization, this can also give you a hint as to what type of images they are searching. If you know the judges, it would be wise for you to study their work and familiarize yourself with their styles.

Avoid clichés.

If the contest features a theme, then there could be a fine line between an awesome shot and a predictable cliché. Judges will be viewing hundreds or thousands of photos and if your photo is just like everyone else’s, then you may not get into their radar. Stand out from the competition by choosing striking colors, compelling subjects and strong competition.

Try to aim for technical brilliance.

If a photo isn’t perfectly focused, strongly composed or brilliantly exposed, then make sure you take another one. Never settle for mediocre images because the judges won’t.

Get into emotions.

Award-winning photos tend to connect to the judges and the people who are looking at the image. Tell them a story, evoke their emotions and connect with the people’s feelings. Fantastic shots without a soul will only leave judges wanting for more.

These are just a few tips that you can apply on your next photo contest. Happy shooting!

A resume is a great way for job seekers to showcase their best skills and assets for a job. Whatever banking job position you are applying for, a resume needs professional care. Any job seeker who is looking to work in the banking or finance industry needs to have a professional drafted resume that will make it stand out above the rest. Working with a resume writing service is not something uncommon, as the competition gets even harder these days.

A resume is any job seeker’s selling point. It has to read error free, neat and polished. Moreover, it needs to stand out among the other applicants with a simple message ‘pick me!’A resume shows potential employers your unique qualities and what makes you a good fit for the job. Considering the fact that financial institutions receive hundreds of applications for a certain position, your resume definitely has to be appealing. An effective resume should detail more than qualifications and work experiences; it should also include achievements, skills and expertise.

Human resource and training supervisors often opt to see exact educational attainments, dates, and qualifications. For those who are applying for customer service roles, experience with people should be highlighted even if is with another industry. If you are aiming for a head office position, focus on relevant work experience and achievements. Any skills relevant to the position you are applying for should be tailored to. Outlining the key areas of your achievement is also a critical part of your resume.

Additional tips in Resume Writing

  • Be honest and truthful.
  • Career history should start with the most recent and then backwards.
  • Keep resume to at most three pages standard.
  • Resume should be written for a specific job that you are applying for.
  • Spend time working on layouts and reviewing content/sentence structure.
  • Proofread your resume before sending it to prospective employers.

A resume service is also a good choice for job seekers who are too busy for this task or for those who lack the necessary grammar and writing expertise to nail this task.