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How to Ace your SAT Exam

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Education

Do you want to ace your SAT exams? If you don’t invest time and effort for SAT and ACT preparations, then you could end up with a score that you aren’t hoping for. Here a few helpful tips on you to prepare for this exam and where to look for sample SAT questionnaires.

Build your vocabulary list with previous tests.

Get a little composition notebook where you can write down any unknown word that you face in the practice tests. There are plenty of difficult vocabulary items that have already appeared on the past tests. Every time you encounter a new word, grab the opportunity to learn it. List it down, define it and grow your vocabulary as time goes by.

Experiment with various strategies, especially with critical reading based questions.

Ideally, you should be able to read a passage once and then effectively answer most of the questions. But for many, this skill definitely takes more time. Try using different strategies for comprehension questions. You can try reading the questions first and then referencing passages.

Read topics that are not very appealing to you.

Most high school students skim through materials that they think are uninteresting. If you find yourself reading a passage over and over again, your interest slowly wanes. Increase your attention span through practice. If reading scientific passages are your weakness, practice reading through scientific articles and increase your speed through time.

If you are stuck with a math problem, begin writing.

Write diagrams, plug in numbers or draw images. Try factoring, expanding and simplifying expressions. Questions often have hidden patterns that most students miss.

Get an official SAT study guide.

Purchased a used but unmarked copy of the official study guide from stores like eBay or Amazon. You can also enroll in the official SAT online course for a more comprehensive review.

It can be very frustrating to look at a homework that you don’t understand well enough from the start. Online tutoring services are slowly becoming popular for parents nowadays. Finding the right tutor can be a daunting process. Here are easy tips on how you can find the right tutor for your child.

Know what you are looking for.

Even before you begin to search for an online tutoring service, decide what kind of tutor you are looking for. List down all the subjects that your child requires and the qualities that you want in a tutor. What is the maximum price that you are willing to pay for a tutor? Always remember—you always get what you pay for.

Find a tutor from reputable sites online.

There are online tutoring companies that hire tutors and train them with their own tutoring software. Most online tutoring firms act as third party for the teacher and student. You pay the company and they will pay the tutors. Through a third party service, you are assured that tutors have been carefully sorted and have undergone a screening process. There are plenty of online tutoring reviews that you can find these days in forums, blogs and other informational sites. If you wish to have a freelance tutor, make sure you agree on the free and study times.

Do a brief but comprehensive interview.

Don’t just hire professionals based on their fees. Make a set of questions and then interview them over the phone. Find a tutor that is able to communicate well over the phone or perhaps the computer. Ask about their professional tutoring charges, years of experience, educational background and cancellation policies.

Communicate with your child’s tutor.

As soon as you have hired a tutor, it is crucial that you regularly communicate with him or her about the progress of your child. This can be done either through email or a small feedback session after the tutorial hours. A good online tutor should be able to send you daily reports regarding the day’s lessons, assignments and progress as well.

Finding the best tutoring service for your child is a pretty hard decision to make. Schedule, curriculum, cost and good tutor-child relationship are some of the things that you have to consider. Today, parents are faced with plenty of options as classes are now offered in community tutoring programs, private tutors, tutoring centers, free schools and even online.

Free School/ Community Programs

If you are struggling with finances, then start by asking your local community center for free tutoring services available. Sessions are usually done in group format by a college or high school student. Some community centers are headed by retired teachers and instructors.

Private Tutors

One on one tutors vary on pricing and quality. Start by asking other teachers and parents for personal recommendations. Good tutors are always popular in the field. Although private tutors are often expensive, they often offer the best flexibility, location and time. The cost of private tutors also varies depending on his/her experience and location.

Tutoring Centers

Tutoring centers like Sylvan and Oxford are popular choices especially among families who are residing in urban areas. Tutoring centers are great options for students who are pretty sensitive about their learning needs. Make sure you check out all the payment policies and agreement before signing a contract with them.

Online Tutoring Services

Online tutoring is best for individuals who are pretty independent and are able to learn from instructions printed on a desktop screen. However, this kind of tutoring method may not be efficient for tactile learners. Online tutoring services are frequently used for occasional homework questions and clarifications.

Find the right tutoring option takes a lot of time and effort. Make your student try out a few sessions before even signing up for a long term commitment. Don’t forget to read tutoring service reviews to help you come up with the right decision.



The innovations in the technological filed has made the Internet accessible to millions of people every day. The rate of computer literacy is slowly on the rise and this has opened up avenues for people; one of which is online tutoring. Parents are beginning to notice the benefits of online tutoring services these days. Just like conventional tutoring, online tutoring allows students to master their lessons from the convenience of their very own homes. Online tutoring is also a more convenient way for children and parents who are struggling with a busy schedule.

Tutoring Expense

Traditional learning institutions are generally expensive. When you are looking to reduce costs, online tutoring is a viable choice. Most online learning institutions even offer free study materials to their students.


Online tutoring helps a student finish difficult assignments and is focused towards getting good grades. However, this method lets your kids master their lessons at the comfort of their very own homes. Since the Internet is perhaps already a part of your kid’s daily activities, incorporating educational programs into their online time is pretty much easier than convincing them to study using traditional methods. Studying online also enhances a student’s ability to research online and typing skills. All of these skills are crucial in today’s professional world. Building up these skills will help ensure a successful future.

Individual Attention

Online tutoring isn’t just attractive and convenient for more students, it also implements more individualized lesson plans. People often think of online tutoring as something designed for the masses. However, online tutoring programs offer individualized lessons to match a learner’s needs. Moreover, these programs also cater to an individual’s learning speed. Not all kids learn at the same pace and rate and rushing lessons may not be efficient after all. Online tutoring services eliminate this concern because children advance when they are finally ready, and not when a tutor suggests a specific time.

Online tutoring isn’t for everyone. There are students who aren’t motivated enough and may use their study time browsing the Internet for other matters. There are individuals who prefer hands on learning approach from one-on-one sessions. The goals of conventional and traditional learning methods are pretty much the same—improve academic abilities.  The only way for you to identify which method works for you is by giving it a try. Read online tutoring service reviews before even signing up for a program.

During the last couple of years, the supplemental education has taken advantage of the Internet in so many ways. The web offers a wide range of tutoring programs which will be helpful for busy parents who aim to make their children succeed in their studies. Both online and private tutors offer academic aid to students who are struggling with their grades or for those who are having a hard time with their homework.

There are private tutors who make use of the Internet use various online tools for all their teaching activities. Online tutoring uses different web applications like instant messaging and emails that are used by tutors and students through text, audio, video and voice.

Online Tutoring Services

Online tutors need to have complete computer systems and gadgets, a stable internet connection, and additional hardware to help in the tutoring process. The most popular computer accessories used in online tutoring includes a webcam, headset with microphone/speaker, fax and scanner.

Today, more and more parents are considering the online tutoring option. Here are some of the benefits of online tutoring.

  • Online tutoring is convenient. It enables students to study from home and spare them from the hassle of travel and will save them time from commuting. The internet eliminates unfamiliar faces in your house as tutors or for a student to go to unfamiliar places for the study session.
  • Online tutoring develops discipline. It also imposes a tight schedule for the child after class. It is better to let a student study with an online tutor who wouldn’t want to miss a lesson and someone who always follows course work with an application program.
  • Your child gets premier tutoring services. Expect to get trained and qualified online tutors for your child. Most online tutoring firms have an established learning program for their students based on the diagnostic evaluation test that is given before the beginning of the program. This only means that your child gets the right lessons that will meet her specific needs.
  • Parental involvement. Online tutors also implement conferences with parents to discuss their children’s progress and other important concerns.

Find the best online tutoring service reviews to help you search for the right professional tutor for your child. With the help of online tutoring, your child has access to an interactive learning method and monitors his or her progress as well.