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According to studies, only 14% of the press releases posted on wire services are being optimized for search. The same study also revealed that press releases with video clips and images get shared three times more than text releases. A lot of online marketers are missing out on opportunities to get their news shared and viewed on the Internet. Here are easy way son how you can share your news to a wider audience.

Draft a release with search in mind.

Having a clear, compelling, and interesting story is no longer, you need to write a press release in a way that people can easily find your company online. Reporters are now using search engines like Google and Bing to search for story ideas and sources. You can begin by making a list of phrases and keywords that are relevant to your organization. Cross-check these items by using Google Keyword Tool to determine how much volume and competition are brought by these keywords. As soon as you have decided on a set of keywords, make sure you place them in the headlines, sub headlines, and throughout the body.

Place search-optimized images on your release.

Include images on your release that can make a huge difference in coverage. Use images that truly define the news that you are trying to share. Make sure you optimize these images by tagging them with your keywords. You can also include the news’ headline in the name and tags of the photo. If you are releasing a new product, don’t just include a photo of the product, but make sure you show customers using it.

Boost PR release with engagement.

Data from Crowd Factory and PR Newswire have revealed that adding a picture to your press release increases customer engagement by 14 percent. But this number actually doubles when you add a video to it. Video clips dramatically increases interactions, impressions, and PR syndications. When making videos, make sure you focus on the news itself and avoid advertising yourself on the clip. Simply putting a link in the video will not do the trick. Make sure you have the video embedded in the release itself.

And don’t forget to release your news to the best distribution site on the web. Check out press release reviews and make sure you find a company that is worth your time and money.


GoDaddy isn’t just a leading domain registrar, but is also the organization behind one of the best online website builders today. Although the company is best known as a domain name registrar, they also offer various tools and services for small businesses, such as search engine optimization, website builder, site statistic reporting, and email marketing.

GoDaddy’s Ecommerce Site Builder ranks pretty high in terms of security, but not too much for layout. The homepage is probably one of the busiest and most confusion on the web, packed with prices, menu choices, offers, and text/image links. It is still possible to find the things you need, and the plethora of choices it offers is a great indication of the things that you can expect when you sign up for the company’s services.

GoDaddy offers three website builder plans at the moment namely Economy ($5.09/month), Deluxe ($7.64/month), and Premium ($12.74/month). All of their plans include more than 300 templates with 2000 plus design options, more than 70 pre-built templates, free stock photos, drag and drop website builder,  no setup fees, and free hosting, email, 24/7 support, and free Google Webmaster tools.

If you are looking for a website that is easy to make, the Economy plan may fit you. For small business owners who are looking to build an online presence, GoDaddy recommends getting the Deluxe plan for a beautiful, and full featured ecommerce site. For maximum features and storage space, go for the Premium account that also comes with SSL certificate.


GoDaddy’s new solution quick shopping cart features Flash support, audio/video players, RSS, and many more. GoDaddy definitely stands out with its traffic reporting and great shipping and shopping cart tax options.


The builder’s confusing sign-up has plenty of options. Many experts say that the components of the site are poorly integrated and that their email account provision is pretty stingy. A lot of people also say that the products log you out often.

Before even signing up for a contract, make sure you read website builder reviews online and check the best packages out there.

Given the huge number of web hosts and the industry’s competition, web hosting can be a tricky business. Countless small web hosting services and even the big ones (like Exodus) have cut staff to minimize operational costs. If your web host goes under, then you might experience issues to. Your business site can be down for an extended period of time, or at least until you can find a better provider and transfer all your files to a new server. Aside from this major hassle, you also lose sales. Make sure you know the danger signs of a web host provider that is in trouble to avoid losing revenue. Is your web hosting provider sounding shaky these days? Here are some of the most common indicators that your provider is in danger of folding.


Lack of customer support

This is perhaps one of the easily observed signs that your web host provider is in trouble. If your provider isn’t able to promptly respond to your emails or if you receive auto responses, then you need to be suspicious. The organization may have lain off support staff and may indicate financial struggles.


Web hosting firms in trouble are usually the ones that offer free services orcharge so little that they cannot profit from it. If your provider is a public firm, know if it is actually turning in profits. If they are aren’t, then prepare to change host. For private hosting companies, it can be harder to find out if they are profitable. But generally, if your web hosts offers hosting at a very low price, then you might want to ask yourself if the business gets revenue at all.

Media attention

Most web hosts are low-profile. If your provider is being covered in the news, then it better be positive publicity or you should be really nervous. If a news brief or article mentions company buyout, layoffs, or management changes, then you need to be suspicious. When your web hosting company changes hand, this doesn’t mean that you need to find a new provider immediately. You need to investigate on policy changes that might happen in between ownership changes.

Decreased hosting services

Withdrawal of services that your host has formerly offered may indicate an attempt to reduce financial losses. Find out any price increases that your hosting company has implemented in the last few months. Businesses increase prices from time to time and may not always cause for an alarm. But if the service decrease or price tag increase is implemented in a less upfront way, then the organization may be avoiding disclosing these changes in an attempt to save a struggling business.

Find out cheap hosting sites with the best services today! Web hosting doesn’t have to be expensive. Select the best and most established web hosting company that will give you the most bang out of your buck.

Small business blogs play a crucial role in online branding. Blogging is a great way to market your brand, establish yourself as an industry expert, and engage with consumers. Here are a few small business blogging tips to help you grow, expand, and update your company blog.

Come up with compelling content.

Nobody wants to read blogs that aren’t informative, interesting, or informative. You don’t have to create a Pulitzer-worthy blog post; you need a content that is worth your audience’s time. Know who you are writing for and the issues that they are interested in.

Integrate search engine optimization strategies.

Employ SEO techniques to make your blog more visible for search engines. While this step may appear pretty complex, there are a simple ways on how you can make your blog more search-engine friendly. You can use keywords in your blog title, subheadings, and even in naming accompanying images. Check out SEO reviews online and find an experienced marketing firm to help you optimize your blog.

Capture user attention.

It is hard to capture user attention through blogs. People scan web pages quickly and if your title isn’t that appealing, then you lose one customer right away. So how do you capture the reader’s attention? Here are a few tips:

  • Open your post with a rhetorical question that gets a reader thinking.
  • Share anecdotes that can make readers laugh or establish the main point of your blog.
  • Invoke the mind’s eye by using words like ‘do you recall when’, ‘imagine’, and ‘picture this’.
  • Include a shocking statistic.
Update blog regularly.

Blogging is a skill that gets easier with practice. And as you get more comfortable with writing a blog, from generating ideas to sharing it through social media platforms, you’ll find that it becomes easier over time. Decide how often you want to blog. Updating your blog regularly also adds to your SEO efforts as it attracts search engines.

Share content across social media platforms.

Unless you are writing a blog for friends and relatives, you want to share your content to more people. And for small business owners, it is important that you share your blogs to consumers, clients, and loyal fans online. Install share buttons to make it easy for readers to share your blog to their friends and online networks.

In today’s world, there will always be an app for everything and more small businesses are starting to see the value of making their own mobile applications. The technical knowledge and cost of hiring a software development company have discouraged the production of these applications. So before you even sign that contract with your software developer, here are questions that you need to ask yourself first.

Am I trying to reach out to the most consumers possible?

Nearly 50 percent of Americans today own smartphones. If you are looking to reach the masses, then you need to know how many of your target consumers are using these mobile devices and in what platforms (Android, iPhone and etc.).

Which one is better—a mobile website or a mobile app?

It all comes down to your overall budget and knowing where your target customers are. If you currently don’t have a budget for a business app, then don’t do it for the sake of having one. If mobile advertising still works for you, then just go with that. If you think that improving your mobile website is easier, then you can do that first. Make sure you tailor marketing strategies to your customers and to your business.

Are you able to update an app?

Your mobile app isn’t like a site that you can take down in the next few months. Even if you got your software from the best app maker in town, you still need to refresh and update it. If you miss this, your business app may just end up losing.

What types of mobile phones do your customers use?

Make sure you develop an application that works for various platforms. A common mistake that most small business owners do is developing an app that doesn’t recognize where their customers are and where their firm fits the best.

Creating an online resume is an effective way for you to market yourself and your professional skills. However, there are still plenty of people who move their traditional paper resume online, more like copying and pasting. So how do you revamp your resume online?

Things you Need to Include

There are key things that employers need to see on your resume such as your complete name, address, contact information, previous work experience, technical skills, certifications, awards and any training programs that you have completed.

Keep it Short yet Complete

Make sure you have an online resume that sums up all your credentials in the right amount of words. Keep your resume as short as possible, with all the essential components.

Personalize it

Make your online resume create a positive impression of you and a good way to achieve this is to put a photo of yourself. This will personalize your resume and give potential employers a better idea of who you are.

Improve readability

Make sure your resume as readable as possible for employers to easily skim through sections. Bullet points are useful for highlighting skills and trainings. It is also crucial that you keep your online resume design simple and clean.


It is crucial that you recheck and proofread your resume. Avoid any spelling or grammar errors. Take the time to browse through your resume and make sure you don’t miss any errors. You can also ask professional help from a resume website to proofread and improve your resume.

A website serves as a pivotal component of your company. Potential clients visit your website for its content. Its usability and appearance are crucial for your business success. Having the wrong web design will negatively impact your business. Here are five web design mistakes that you need to avoid in order for you to increase your bottom line.

Poor site navigation

A lot of businesses do not make navigation their priority. Without paying attention to how users navigate your site, you may also be creating a frustrating user experience for potential visitors. Consumers visit your site for a reason and if they don’t find it quickly, they easily go elsewhere, leaving them an impression that your business is just as disorganized as your site.

No strong call to action statements

One of the many errors of many business sites is the lack of clear to action statements. If you are not leading consumers to commit a certain action (whether this is subscribing to a newsletter or purchasing a product), then you are definitely losing them one by one.

Color and contrast

Color and contrast are crucial factors in your business because these can be used to direct user attention. If your web text doesn’t have enough contrast compared to its color background, then users will have a hard time browsing and reading over your web content.


Users visit your site because of its content and how you structure this content is a crucial factor in your failure or success. But unfortunately, there are many small businesses today that get caught up loading their site with information that they overlook how the content is presented. Establish a good visual content hierarchy for users to easily scan your site and sift through important information.


A lot of small businesses cram everything into a single home page and the end result is a cluttered, busy and unreadable page. A cluttered site also leads to low traffic, high bounce rate and a bad page rank on Google. Aid visitors in finding the information they are searching for and prioritize content. Choose content and sell it well. Make sure you consider all these mistakes when creating a website.

What other design mistakes have you seen? Feel free to share…