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“When a guy takes of his coat, he’s not going to fight. When a guy takes off his wristwatch, watch out!”- Al McGuire

While utilitarian and functional, men’s watches are also fashionable. A nicely made watch is perhaps the only fashion accessory that a man needs. Owning a small collection of men’s watches will let you match your timepiece to your dress mode, personality and lifestyle—all while still keeping appointments. Read on for a few men’s watch reviews and find the one that best suits you.

Lange and Sohne

Lange’s Pour le Merite watches have always been popular items for upscale collectors and this year sees the debut of the fourth model, the Richard Lange Tourbillon. Inspired by a high precision chronometer from Johann Seyfffert, the model features a regulator dial, fuse and chain transmission, and a stop-seconds function for precise setting.

Arnold & Son

Named after its maker John Arnold, Arnold & Son has built a reputation for fiendish complications but slowly repositioning itself for a broader appeal. Although it has dropped its True North model, the True Moon and Hornet Worldtimer remain with limited edition models featuring the voyages of Captain Hook and is journeys to Australia, Hawaii and the Antarctic.

Audemars Piget

This privately-owned firm continues to major on sporting links with ambassadors like Leo Messi, Sachin Tendulkar and Rory McIlroy. These sports figures are committed Royal Oak wearers, but don’t miss the brand’s macho timepieces like the Audemar Extra Thin which is a great representation of the theory “less is more”.

Ball Watch

The company is best known for its cool sports watches and glow-in-the-dark micro tubes. And to mark its 120 years since Webb Ball became the timekeeper of the American railroads, the brand debuts another model—the Trainmaster One Hundred Twenty which looks very classical. But when the lights go out, the hands and hour markers beautifully illuminate like glow worms.

Baume & Mercier

Despite the brand’s horological heritage, Baume & Mercier’s designs have started to appear like a little dusty of late. Today, it features a whole new attitude inspired by the theory “life is all about moments”.

Here are five beach wedding ceremony tips to ensure your beach exchange is a memorable and smooth one.

Have a backup plan.

Although you may dismiss the thought of it but there is always a chance of rain and inclement weather on a beach wedding ceremony. So make sure you prepare a plan B for your ceremony site. You may ask your reception site to save an alternative space in case of uncooperative weather.

Throw away the heels.

Heels and sand simply don’t mix. Wait until you reach the top level of the ground until you flaunt your brand new pair of stilettos. Don’t fret about your footwear. There are hundreds of bride worthy sandals and flats out there waiting for you to be discovered. You can also go barefoot. If you are stuck on wearing heels, you can break them out for your first wedding dance at the reception area.

Secure sound equipment.

Though the sea breeze and the crashing waves all contribute to the beauty of beach weddings, your guests will inherently find it difficult hearing your voice. Rent speakers and microphones so that everyone at the reception site will be able to hear your wedding vows.

Windproof the programs.

It can get a little windy at the beach most of the time, so make sure that you distribute programs that won’t be easily blown away. You may choose to have heavy card stock programs or perhaps use shells and sand dollars to pin them down.

Get a bouncer.

The last thing you have to worry about is getting a bunch of wedding crashers in the ceremony. And if you are celebrating the wedding ceremony in a public beach, chances are you will have some gawkers. Keep strangers from wandering near the altar or on the aisle. Ask a friend, relative or your wedding planner to keep them away from the ceremony.


Planning a wedding gets easier these days with the help of professional wedding coordinators.  So sit back, relax and prepare yourself for the big day. Let BridesBestfriend do all the work for you!

Craigslist is one of the most popular free classified sites in the world today. It is an awesome place to find great deals in your community. It is also widely used as an outstanding tool for things that you no longer need; effectively earning you some cash while helping you declutter your closets.

Posting your Item

  • Prepare your item for the sale. If you are selling an old mobile phone, get rid of all personal information and contacts stored in it. If you are selling car, give it a good and through cleaning.
  • Search similar postings. Check for similar postings in your neighborhood for you to get a good idea of the market and details that you should include the post. You may also check the items on eBay for posting and pricing ideas. You can choose to lower down your prices so they get sold fast or price it more competitively.
  • Make sure you have good images. Try to set up your picture in natural light so you get nice and crisp photos even without the flash.
  • Provide detailed information on the item. Include the necessary details of the product that you are selling. Include features and other specifications especially for digital gadgets.
  • Publish your listing. As soon as you have written your ad and placed it in the appropriate category, Craiglist will send an email that will officially publish your post. Just follow the link and hit the ‘publish’ button.

Handling the Sale

  • Maximize communication. Almost all of your communication will go through email but you can also post a mobile phone number (which isn’t recommended). Be prepared for an onslaught of emails especially if you have a hot item.
  • Try to stick with cash. There are plenty of scammers on Craigs, so accept nothing but cold cash. Deal locally, meet them in person and stick with cash.

The After Sale or Lack Thereof

  • Remove the ad as soon as it gets sold. Save yourself and other people the hassle by removing a listing as soon as the item gets sold.
  • Consider a give it away or a trade. If you have tried selling an item for over a month now, made several postings but still no luck, then it may be time to give up the dream and give this item for free. Craigslist also has an active ‘Free Stuff’ section where people freely give away their things.

The web has currently exploded with online storage sites where people can store their photos, MP3s, documents and other files. For users with files to share or move, these sites have slowly extinguished the need for floppy disks and other storage device.

Most people use these storage sites to back up valuable data and share/collaborate files online. In the United States alone, around 7 million hard drives crash and half a million laptops stolen or lost. Storing valuable data online will provide you with a backup in the event that a disaster strikes your computer. Files can also be stored online and shared to friends, relatives, family, colleagues, business associates and etc. As these files are being stored online, they can be accessed anywhere and at anytime of the day.

What to Look for? 

There are important features that you need to consider when choosing an online storage service.

  • Security. Most services provide security controls that will let you decide who will access specific files and folders. Make sure that your files are properly encrypted by the online storage provider when uploaded, downloaded or perhaps stored online. The standard encryption is a 128 bit SSL or secure sockets layer. Another common cipher is the 448 bit Blowfish encryption that protects your data while in storage.
  • Reliability. Many online storage providers offer 99% uptime guarantee. This means that you are able to access files anytime. Ideally, if you encounter technical issues, you should be able to call your provider 24/7. Make sure that their online storage service works with any computer operating system.
  • Storage space provided. Online storage services differ in the amount of downloads and space they provide to clients. Many of them offer separate packages that are tailored to the needs of their customers.
  • Sharing/collaboration tools. Sites like offers a wide range of features that will automate the process of backing up your important files online. These include the following:

–          Task scheduling

–          Automatic detection and backing up of new/modified files

–          Bandwidth throttling

–          Backup Outlook mail

–          Restore file versions up to a month

–          Mapped drive support for pros

–          Request a physical copy of the online backups

Are you looking for online storage spaces today? Make sure you read online storage site reviews before signing up for one. Be an informed buyer and save on the costs.


( Epitomizing the modern Filipino)

Our country being the Pearl of the Orient Seas is indeed a nation blessed with a unique mixture and convergence of well known races. Our blood is an intricate blend of the Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Malayan heritage. What makes us a unique race lies within our very veins. But do we really know the present-day Juan? The Juan who seldom uses his native language already and the Juan who has been in the call center business for quite some time?

It is perhaps decorous for us to at least ponder and fathom what really a Filipino is in this highly innovative world. Even if the present day Filipina is lavished with a Dior suit, a Chanel bag, a Clinique lipstick, D&G shoes, we would still end up with the frail, simple and immaculate Maria at the end of the day, laughing out loud in the table while dinner is going on and spending quality time with her family.

The modern day Filipino isn’t exactly dressed in the customary and traditional barong Tagalog and Maria Clara. She/he is exactly the walking closet of the world’s eminent brands and bearer of the luxurious jewelries of present ages. She/he does not possess the native tongue but is a speaker of the English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish and other prime languages on Earth. She/he may be a patron of the fancy restaurants in Ortigas but she is still mother’s no.1 culinary fan. Starbucks might have drawn into her senses already but still a cup of Nescafe shared at home with the rest of the family is the still the best ever brewed coffee.

One can find Juan and Maria almost anywhere in the world. You can find them in the Alps raising the Philippine flag with great pride and honor. One can find them in the Earth’s seas looking over foreign ships.

One can still find them in the hospitals and nursing homes may it be in the West or East. One can travel anywhere in the world and still can get a glimpse of Juan and Maria in every airport that you get to stop by. Indeed, there is a subtle world innovation of Juan and Maria in the whole world. The world might not recognize us this time but maybe the future will.


Let us perhaps delve into the life of a typical Filipino and truly fathom who he really is……

One bright sunny day, as the hens crowed annoyingly complemented with the humming of the birds on the acacia trees, Juan got up in his bed, wiped the oozing saliva out of his mouth and said a little prayer to the Almighty. He then fixed his bed and made sure everything was neat and clean in his room in order to stay away from the Bombo Radyo of his mother early in the morning. The tempting smell of dried fish coupled with the beaten eggs all make up Juan’s breakfast. It took quite some time for him to bath, change his clothes and groom himself. No wonder he got late for his appointment that day (Filipino time..).

At work, he is the typical employee but could eventually get boisterous sometimes and the worst part of him is getting involved in the affairs of others. Lunch would never be complete without rice and a bowl his daily chismis(gossips) from his colleagues. After work, he plunges himself into the battle of getting a ride way back home. Armed with his charm, wits and guts, he ventures out to the LRT and bus stations just to be on time for dinner. Steps away from his house, his son, Juanito, already saw him and thus alarmed the whole household that Papa is coming. Juanita, his daughter then prepares her Papa’s slippers on the front porch. Juan comes inside looking so badly beaten up by work and probably by traffic. Juanito and Juanita then greeted their Papa with “mano po, pa”. Maria, his beloved wife also welcomes him with her torrid kiss. Together, the whole family shared dinner. A platter of the day’s stories, a bowl of laughters and a tray of love. For dessert was telenovelas a la mode which made the evening much more pleasurable. Together, the whole family teased the shows and exchange criticisms regarding the artists’ figure, fashion and acting.

Before they retire for the day, Juan and his family kneel down silently and together offer thanksgiving and praises to the Divinity.

The story of Juan conceivably outlines to us who a Filipino really is. At the end of the day, it is not the clothes that we wear, the language that we speak and the food that we take in. It is indeed the values that we keep and the love of one’s family that will truly make us a true blue Filipino.

( College events that I will always remember….)

May 17, 2007- Kegel’s anatomy was spreading rumors like wildfire that there will be two major workshop operations at the OPD OR (we were actually invited by Ma’am Mia to scrub in if we really wanted to provided that we do preop rounds the night prior to the surgery.

Other schools were having bits and pieces of the news but we didn’t really inform them because it was an operation to die for (it was better that we work ourselves silently, however driven with selfish motives, so that we could scrub in).

May 18,2007- “Welcome Dr. Clement Chan”, a banner at the OPD entrance welcomed us. Dr. Chan- he was our man! We heard from the rumors yesterday from the staff that a Singaporean surgeon would be doing the surgery together with the consultants of the Gyne Department from VSMMC, Chong Hua and Cebu Doctors’ Hospital. We came early at the OPD OR, excited, exhilarated and so nervous about the surgeries that are waiting for us. Our patient arrived early and she told us she’s nervous about her surgery but I assured her that her life is under the hands of the most prestigious surgeons here in Cebu.


The first surgery began at about 10 oclock already because we were still waiting for the surgical team to come. Jean hottie scrubbed in together with a nurse trainee. Caj was their circulating nurse. Dr. Chan, Dr. Cabornay and 2 consultants scrubbed in with them. At the beginning of the surgery, it was really like a scene from Dr. House or Grey’s Anatomy where the resident (Dr. Cabornay for that matter) narrates a brief patient history of the patient to Dr. Chan. In the middle of the surgery, it was quite funny because Dr. Chan has a really funny accent. They were having quite a hard time deciphering what instrument he requested. The radical hysterectomy operation ended at about past 12 noon. The surgical team had lunch break and as we thought of this, our stomachs couldn’t just stop squeezing gastric juices in our tummy. Then as we were craving for the buffet that they had, the NOD informed us that we could go outside and eat with them since we will be scrubbing in for the next case. I really thanked God for this invitation!! As we waited in line, I kindly offered plates to the residents because I wanted them to go ahead of me.  The food was really great and yummy and as much as I wanted to go for a second round,’ I didn’t nalang coz mashy ko sa mga doctors dahil ako ay isang hamak na nursing student lamang.hahahahhaah. But I really loved the idea of me having buffet lunch with the doctors (I know Zark masuka ka,hahahahah)’. Together with Ellainne and me in the table were Dra. Menil and Dra. Maglasang and a nurse trainee. On the table next  to us, are Dr. Pangilinan and the rest of the residents. Anyway, I really feel overwhelmed and grateful that at some point in my student life, I was given this once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s really a big thing for a student like me.

At about 1:30 the nurse trainee and me already scrubbed in for the hysteroscopic myomectomy. The surgery started a little bit late because the personnel from Olympus were still setting up the equipments and preparing the devices. The surgical team was using a hysteroscope attached to a flat screen for magnification and a clear view. Anyway, it was really like an OR back home where you have this flat screen and other hi-tech devices being used. The hysteroscope was inserted through the cervix and we were able to view the patient’ uterus and polyp through the big screen. For the first time in my life, I have really appreciated the stalk in a pedunculated polyp. My group mates and I couldn’t even believe that we were in Sotto.

For a day, it was like we were being teleported to a theater in Seattle Grace Hospital.
For a day, it was like we were really registered nurses back home.
For a day, it was like all were new to us.
For a day, it was a breakthrough in this hospital and I’m glad that in our own little ways, we are part of VSMMC’s history makers.

Lately, my life had an almost unbearable cacophony created by the fervid and obstinate circumstances that have crossed my way. The things that have been happening to me now seem like an enigma that I can’t seem to decipher. Everything has been too much to for me to bear. The struggles are much too overwhelming and i am afraid that this strife is still yet the beginning of a hundred raging, hungry storms that are yet to come. It seems that the mountain that the mountain I’m climbing has no end, the hall that I am traversing seems endless and that cave that I am lurking in seems to be unceasing. The great wall that has blocked my journey towards finding the real meaning of my life seems impervious and too strong for my abilities. The carnage has left me in bondage and even though it’s hard to admit, I’m losing it…..

quite heart

The past has made me credulous. I have grown up in a world full of social dogma made up of dark and twisty lies. Knowing the truth in Christ, I gained this confidence that I could eventually break free from all of these. Knowing Him has given me this pristine strength and courage to get lost from this bondage. I tried to be a paragon of what a real Christian should be. I tried to be excellent in all aspects of my life trying to prove what wondrous things God has done to me. I played my cards well, fought hard and tried to win every game that life has to offer, struggled for perfection until I realized that what I have been fighting for is getting me nowhere because I have  been selfish and my motivation has not been pointing towards Him. The battle has made me decrepit, inimical and irascible. I thought being an erudite would be the key but I realized that I was only a dilettante when it comes to such matters. The battle had rendered me futile. I became a misanthrope. The more I look at myself in the mirror, the more my reflection becomes hazy and blurry. The more I looked at it closer, the more I see somebody else’s life. What had happened to the woman He had saved from chains? I hated myself and I tried to find the answers on what the world has to give, indulging myself in the petty wrong things. But still I felt empty and I hated myself all the more because I had my soul enslaved by the world’s chicanery.

I guess I struggled too hard and I realized that it wasn’t really the way God wanted me to fight it. He wanted to fight the battle for me. He wanted to take up my cross and leave it all to Him. He wanted to carry me when I was beaten and when I was down on bended knee. He wanted me to keep a quite heart but then again I refused because I wanted to prove something and now what a mess I have made of myself.

God’s message to me these past few weeks was plain and simple- to keep a quite heart.
He is totally in control of everything. A very simple statement yet it never felt so real to me than now. Probably, the reason why a lot of people are suffering emotionally and spiritually these times is that we are not trusting God. Instead we trust on our earthly luxuries, assets and on our selves. We are living in an adulterated world where it’s hard to trust somebody you do not see. But hey, this is faith!

God wanted me to relax and chill a bit and enjoy every waking moment of my life. He didn’t want me to bustle into the busy streets for He knows now hard and painful it would be for me. It’s really not important that we don’t understand the things that are happening right now. We should instead bear in mind that He knows and He understands. We just have to redirect our focus on Jesus.

Our huge problem could never be as enormous and gigantic as our GOD!
When we are untrusting, we worry too much. We get totally upset of the awful things that are happening until it eventually eats us up. Obeying God’s word is a whole lot better than worrying and bombarding Him questions like “God, why is this happening to me? What does this suppose to mean?” God has His reasons and whatever those reasons may be; they always work out for the best. We might not understand it, but isn’t it quite plain and explicit that our business is on obeying Him rather than wasting our precious times trying to fathom the riddle behind our problems.

Worrying will lead you to nothing. Worrying is not part of God’s good, pleasing and perfect will for you. But one thing is sure about worrying- it would lead to the existence of wrinkles on your forehead (you wouldn’t want to have one of those).

Rest your body just like a leaf floating on a vast, placid sea.
Rest your soul to a mighty and all-knowing God of peace.
Rest your heart to God and be free!