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For most tech-savvy business professionals, there is nothing better than RIM’s versatile workstation packhorse, the BlackBerry phone. This devices are very resourceful, allowing you to easily communicate with colleagues and family, report newsworthy events, and even run a business while on the road. So, how do you make the most out of your smartphone? Check out these handy tips on how to optimize your BlackBerry smartphone for business or professional use.

Extend Your Device’s Battery Life

The mobile phone, the omnipresent digital device of our times, has become an important productivity tool that most people couldn’t live without. And there is nothing more frustrating than having your phone die on you in the middle of an important work-related task. Carrying a spare battery might just do the trick, but for individuals who hate swapping them out, an emergency external battery booster pack might be a better solution. Mobile phones last longer when apps are turned off or terminated when not in use. So the next time you check your email from your mobile device, make sure you exit from the app before leaving your phone dormant – and if you’re really worried about your battery life, disable 3G if you want to get a few more minutes of time with your phone.

Improve Reception while Out of Town

While major city areas will allow you to connect to the Internet without a hitch, problems may start when you venture further outside these hot zones. Many business owners and executives experience a frustrating decrease in reception while travelling cross-country. This is a nuisance, especially if you’re in the middle of an important conference call. The solution? A mobile reception booster will give you more bars on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Automatic Memory Cleaning

In case you still haven’t discovered this amazing feature, check out your BlackBerry phone’s automatic memory cleaning function. Constantly undertaking a wide range of complex tasks, it tends to recycle most of its memory during the day. Too much memory use may lag or slow down it down. Automatic memory cleaning is turned off on most BlackBerry models by default, but you can activate it from your main menu: Select Options > Security Options > Advanced Security Options. Scroll down until you see the ‘Memory Cleaning’ menu. After clicking ‘Enable’, several options show up on the screen. Leave the first two as ‘Yes’ and then adjust the Idle Timeout Option to five minutes or less (depending on how much you use your phone). Click on the final button to ‘Show icon on home screen’ and save your changes. You now have easy access to the manual method for cleaning your BlackBerry smartphone’s memory whenever it feels sluggish.

Backup your Device

Before deleting data in your BlackBerry smartphone, make sure you do a backup first. After you have installed BlackBerry Desktop Manager on your computer, all you need to do is connect your device to your computer. As soon as you have established this connection, the app will automatically sync with your phone’s data. Open the app up and then click on ‘Backup and Restore’ to complete the process.

Transform your BlackBerry into a Multi-Tasking Device

Go-to mobile apps like Evernote, WordPress, and Skype complement RIMs own essential offerings. These apps will help you simplify business tasks, save time, and keep you organized. Skype is great for holding meetings on the go. Manage your business blog via WordPress. Organize pictures, take down notes, and create a ‘to do’ list in the cloud with Evernote.

While one of technological companies’ greatest offerings to society is innovation, and the development of high-tech solutions for everyday life, another is giving back to the community through a variety of socially responsible programs. Three specific projects provide excellent examples of how technology, innovative ideas, and entrepreneurship can come together to form tools for social and economic change.

The first of these is Research in Motion (RIM) that recently launched Action Starts Here, a contest based and targeted solely at residents of India. The competition invites participants to put forward  ideas for change, and then take action towards them via a simple process. By setting a goal on the contest’s Facebook page, and making a pledge to achieve it, participants take a BlackBerry action, which they can then publicise through Facebook to gain as much support as possible for their ideas. The more friends invited and support gained, the more points are earned, and consequently, the greater the likelihood of becoming a winner. Participants are encouraged to use social media to forge links with various networks, while considering, and taking action towards what they want to change in their society. Winners will receive one of three high tech tools for action: a Blackberry Bold 9900 mobile phone, a BlackBerry Torch 9810 mobile phone, or a BlackBerry Curve 9320 mobile phone. RIM’s reward is to have helped boost, among other things, grassroots entrepreneurship in India.

The second example is Dell, which  aims to address a variety of societal issues in the areas of education, environment and entrepreneurship. The Dell Social Innovation Challenge is particularly interesting as a competition that tasks college students around the world to come up with innovative ideas in these areas.. The prize pot is set at US$50,000 and comes with the offer of training from Dell Mentors, who will help winners develop crucial business knowledge and skills. This project, just like RIM’s, helps actualize groundbreaking ideas by encouraging youthful entrepreneurship.

The third and final example is that of Cisco, which has also given back to the community, but by focusing mostly on educational endeavors. With a core competence in networking technology, the company’s social projects seek to enhance the quality, as well as the delivery of technology-lead educational programs. The Cisco Networking Academy helps about four million students’ worldwide gain Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills. The aim is to prepare students for a constantly developing, technological world, and in doing so, increase their future job prospects.

Efforts like these, made by some of the world’s major technological companies, can go a long way towards transforming the lives and aspirations of underprivileged communities. They allow innovation to take place where, previously, it might have perished, and continue support individuals to develop their own tools for social change.

BlackBerry has been investing in the Indian market for a while now. The investment has proved more successful than its major rivals and one that has increasingly solidified in recent times. In the face of rising concerns over national security in India, recent years have seen the Indian government contemplate a temporary ban of the handsets in order to push RIM to give access to encrypted services to the government, a request the firm has made clear it could not satisfy. The importance of BlackBerry for India was underlined when the government dropped all possibilities for a ban, and rather focused its efforts on tackling the issue on an industry-wide level.

BlackBerry’s success in India thus far has much turned the wheels of a growing market, making India one of the fastest growing smartphone markets in the world. Especially popular is the BlackBerry Messenger instant-messaging service (BBM), which works well on all networks available. The popularity of the smartphone has created a virtual community of BlackBerry users in India, attracting more and more people, as those who look for handsets prefer to have the same as their friends and then join to this growing connected community. BlackBerry has helped to nurture this community through services like BBM.

The firm now seeks to capitalize on India’s fertile grounds even more through a holistic strategy by bringing in new touch phones and apps specifically designed for India, new competitive price plans and new products and solutions suitable for the country. RIM India also plans to focus on the large SME market in the country, bringing enterprise solutions to answer the unique needs of this particular segment. Sunil Dutt, the managing director of RIM India, said that shipments of mobile phones are predicted to grow at approximately 70% a year until 2015.

In addition, the firm has just recently launched action starts here, an Indian-based campaign currently ongoing until the 30th of September and that will allow 20 participants to win a Blackberry Bold 9900 smartphone, Torch 9810 smartphone, or Curve 9320 smartphone. At the core of the campaign is a competition that requires all participants to use Facebook in the most strategic way possible to build a supporting community and earn points. To participate in the contest, users must be residents of India. They will need to visit the relevant Facebook page for the contest, set a goal and make a pledge in one of the choices given; leading them to take what is called a BlackBerry action. Participants can then invite friends to gain support of their action, earning points by doing so, the aim being to earn as many points as possible. BlackBerry’s initiative will help the firm create a stronger presence in the Indian market, while motivating Indian residents to build further links with their communities.



Given the huge number of web hosts and the industry’s competition, web hosting can be a tricky business. Countless small web hosting services and even the big ones (like Exodus) have cut staff to minimize operational costs. If your web host goes under, then you might experience issues to. Your business site can be down for an extended period of time, or at least until you can find a better provider and transfer all your files to a new server. Aside from this major hassle, you also lose sales. Make sure you know the danger signs of a web host provider that is in trouble to avoid losing revenue. Is your web hosting provider sounding shaky these days? Here are some of the most common indicators that your provider is in danger of folding.


Lack of customer support

This is perhaps one of the easily observed signs that your web host provider is in trouble. If your provider isn’t able to promptly respond to your emails or if you receive auto responses, then you need to be suspicious. The organization may have lain off support staff and may indicate financial struggles.


Web hosting firms in trouble are usually the ones that offer free services orcharge so little that they cannot profit from it. If your provider is a public firm, know if it is actually turning in profits. If they are aren’t, then prepare to change host. For private hosting companies, it can be harder to find out if they are profitable. But generally, if your web hosts offers hosting at a very low price, then you might want to ask yourself if the business gets revenue at all.

Media attention

Most web hosts are low-profile. If your provider is being covered in the news, then it better be positive publicity or you should be really nervous. If a news brief or article mentions company buyout, layoffs, or management changes, then you need to be suspicious. When your web hosting company changes hand, this doesn’t mean that you need to find a new provider immediately. You need to investigate on policy changes that might happen in between ownership changes.

Decreased hosting services

Withdrawal of services that your host has formerly offered may indicate an attempt to reduce financial losses. Find out any price increases that your hosting company has implemented in the last few months. Businesses increase prices from time to time and may not always cause for an alarm. But if the service decrease or price tag increase is implemented in a less upfront way, then the organization may be avoiding disclosing these changes in an attempt to save a struggling business.

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