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Has your food budget taken a hit in the last few years? Here are a few tips on how you can save money on groceries and move your way towards freedom from debt.

Bigger is better

Pick products from bottom and top shelves. Bigger sizes of items offered at lower prices are usually placed on the lowest and highest shelves at grocery stores. Expensive, smaller-sized products are often positioned at consumers’ eye level.

Say goodbye to name brands

Purchase store brands instead of name brands. In terms of quality, store brands are often close to market leaders yet less expensive. As a matter of fact, the same manufacturer that produces branded items often makes house brands as well.

Avoid processed and packaged foods

Try to do away with prepared, packaged foods. Aside from being healthy, fresh produce are also affordable. According to a study from Consumer Reports, two pounds of carrots only cost $1.30, compared with $7.20 for the same amount of pre-cut sticks.

Be a club member

These club programs offer members and cardholders “members only” deals and savings on selected grocery products, a benefit that can help you save as much as 18% on your total bill. Now, here’s the catch—the stores actually keep tabs on what consumers are buying to study the various segments of the entire shopping population.

Use coupons to save

Look for coupons in magazines and online websites. You can search for online coupons on or on the grocery website itself. offer deals on popular consumer items. You can also find coupons on newspapers, magazines, and other publications.

Warehouse it

Join a local warehouse club in your community. Bulk retailers like Costco and BJ’s Wholesale Club can be 20% to 50% cheaper compared to regular stores when it comes to products like coffee, bottled water, vegetables, canned beans, and condiments.


A personal statement is an essay that uniquely describes your qualifications and commitment for a chosen academic field. This document describes your skills, attributes, abilities, and accomplishments, as evidence of your goals for pursuing a degree in graduate school and in research. A very important characteristic of a personal statement is how effectively it communicates a person’s career ambitions in personal terms. Your personal statement outlines a career development plan that includes current skills, previous experiences, and goals.

The Structure

A personal statement should efficiently express your understanding of graduate school and how this degree and past experiences contribute to your professional goals. Include the following components in writing a personal statement.

Introduction—The introduction sets the stage for the entire essay. Start with a hook that will draw readers to your story—this can be a perspective on your academic career, an anecdote that relates to a career path, or a statement that summarizes your commitment to success.

Body—This part describes your career goals, experiences, motivation for reaching such goals, and how you can get there. Discuss research projects that you have been involved with clearly and intelligently. Identity research area, state questions that you are addressing, experimental design, results, conclusions, and lessons you have learned from the study. Include evidences of your accomplishments and progress in science, such as conference presentations, publication, leadership roles, and experiences that sparked up your interest in graduate school.

Conclusion—As soon as you have finished the body, it is time to wrap things up. This is the perfect time for you to reaffirm your confidence and preparation that graduate school is indeed right for you. Explain what contributions you wish to make for science and for the society, and how your graduate degree can help you realize these contributions.

The personal statement is a crucial part of your application package. Making a personal statement takes persistence, revision, and time. Check out sample personal statements online to help you draft the perfect essay.


A toll free number can be a boon for businesses. It helps cut through the competition by taking one key step out of the calling process. Customers can either look in the yellow pages for your contact number when they are looking at a myriad of ads or they can easily recall your number and pick.


Sending an important message

A toll free number signifies that you think about your customers on a really simple level that appeals to them. Well, what is not to like when it is a free call! Toll free numbers can also reduce perceived geographic boundaries between an organization and its consumers. It lets businesses extend their scope across the nation or even around the world. It also sends a message to clients that they can conveniently reach company representatives anytime and anywhere. Toll free numbers should be viewed as a marketing and sales strategy. It lets businesses touch their customers and allow consumers to touch potential vendors.

Is it worth the cost?

Today, prices of toll free numbers have significantly decreased. You can now find a good toll free plan for as low as $10. These affordable 800 number services are great investments that can potentially increase revenues. But remember that there is a risk of international callers that may add up to your bill. Fortunately, most 800 number providers already offer a special feature that will block international numbers from reaching your toll free number.

Take it anywhere

A great feature about 800 numbers is that they are portable. If your company moves from one state to another, you don’t have to get a new number. All you need to do is call your provider to re-route the calls temporarily to another number, and then bring it back when you have transferred your phone services to the new location.

A greater picture

Toll free numbers should be viewed as only a part of the organization’s overall marketing plan. Companies also need to consider other sales strategies such as online marketing and traditional media advertising.

The Winter Olympics

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The Winter Olympics is a popular sporting event that happens every four years. Winter Olympics debuted in France in the year 1924. The event was originally made up of sports like Nordic combined, figure skating, cross-country skiing, speed, and ice hockey. The Winter Olympics was actually stopped during the Second World War and was resumed in 1948.

Since its inception, the Winter Olympics has significantly evolved. A lot of sports events have been added such as freestyle skiing and speed skating. The emergence of television and other media has also enhanced the profile of the Olympic Games. It has also created a regular income stream through live broadcast and advertising, which has become a lucrative business in the industry.

The Winter Olympics has been hosted on three different continents. France has hosted the event three times the United States four times, and Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, and Austria have hosted the games twice. The 2014 Olympics has already been set in Sochi, Russia. The commission has already selected Pyeongchang, South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

The Denver Olympics 2022

Mayor Michael Hancock has already formed an exploratory committee to work on a possible Denver Olympics for 2022. The team will work on evaluating the risk and rewards of bidding and hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics. According to the exploratory committee, hosting the Olympic Games would cost around $1.5 billion. Aside from Denver, there are other American cities that are looking to place their bids, including Reno & Lake Tahoe, Bozeman, Salt Lake City, and Sacramento.

After cities place their bids this year, the OIC is expected to vote on the 2022 Winter Olympics host city on 2015.

Pearl necklaces are classy, beautiful and sophisticated. When pearls were cultured, pearl necklaces were considered noble jewelry.  A small strand of pearl was worth a fortune back then. Some of the world’s greatest pearls, such as the Tahitian pearls, can be worth millions. Today, cultured pearl necklaces have taken the place of natural pearls for their affordability and comparable beauty. Here are a few steps on how to buy pearl necklaces.

Pearl Necklace Styles
  • Bib—made up of several strands of pearls at varying lengths.
  • Dog collar—made up of multiple pearl strands worn high on the neck. A “must have” accessory during the Victorian era, dog collar pearl necklaces are slowly making a comeback today.
  • Princess—known as the “classic” for pearl necklaces, the princess style lies slightly below the neck. It is usually 17 to 19 inches long and matches well with different neckline types.
  • Choker—similar to the collar but worn lower on the neck and is usually 14 to 16 inches long.
  • Opera—usually worn with formal evening dresses and is usually 30 to 36 inches long.
  • Matinee—traditionally worn for semi formal occasions and works well with dresses and suits. It is usually 20 to 24 inches long.
  • Rope—the longest of all styles and can be knotted or doubled. They are usually more than 36 inches long.

The pearl sizes in necklaces, while usually a matter of taste is also a subject of tradition. In the past, certain pearl sizes were considered appropriate for women at different ages. The size of the pearl is also an indicator of the wearer’s social and financial status. When purchasing pearl necklaces, it is crucial to examine its workmanship. Poorly matched necklaces with conspicuous color differences won’t showcase the beauty of the jewelry and are devalued. Place a pearl necklace on your finger and let it hang loose. Assess whether the line is straight and if it is tied too loose or too tight. Happy pearl necklace shopping!


While a lot of savvy shoppers are already familiar with using paper coupons for savings in department stores, there are only 38% of American household consumers who use online coupons when buying from their favorite retailers. Online coupon codes provide consumers with the opportunity to save cash on their orders, similar to that of paper coupons. Most shoppers who haven’t used online coupons narrate that they are totally missing out because they don’t know where to look in the first place.

Coupon Codes: How does it work?

These codes may be entered in the promotional code or coupon code boxes in your online order form. The code features a specific offer to it. These offers may be free shipping, 20% off on purchases and so much more. As soon as you enter the code, discounts are automatically applied to your order. Coupon codes aren’t frequently found in retailer websites. They are usually advertised on other sites as advertisements that will bring more shoppers on their site.

Finding the Best Coupon Codes

Whether you are looking for 1800gotjunk promo code or Forever21 coupon codes, you can always use search engines to help you. Just type a specific keyword and Google should be able to present sites for you. Major coupon code websites usually update their content on a daily basis.

Maximize savings with Coupon Codes

Make sure you research for coupon codes before even shopping online. Choose some of your favorite coupon code websites and don’t forget to bookmark them on your browser. Plan and consolidate all your purchases so that you will reach the minimum requirements for free shipping. Subscribe to newsletters of your favorite Internet retailer—they might just have amazing deals for you.



Today, businesses have different options to get their products into buyers’ hands. Order fulfillment service and drop shipping may appear pretty confusing for suppliers these days. To decide which method suits your business, here are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Order fulfillment

It is the process by which a certain manufacturer or retailer picks, packs items and ships them to the buyers. Order fulfillment can be done in house or through a third party warehouse like Shipwire.

Pros: better inventory control, increased margin, less stock outs

Cons: needs space, inventory investment

Tip: Save money by partnering with a third part warehouse rather than renting an entire warehouse outright.

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is a kind of order fulfillment service where the retailer doesn’t hold any merchandise at stock. With this process, the buyer orders are directly sent to the wholesaler or manufacturer, which then ships the items to the buyer after they have completed a purchase from the retailer.

Pros: more flexible, hassle free, lower inventory investment

Cons: more online competition, lesser discounts, reduced product availability, tedious returns processing

Tip: There are plenty of drop ship suppliers that impose conditions to retailers such as sales conditions, minimum price controls, return conditions and so much more. Take your time reading and understanding the terms before tying up yourself in a contract.