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BlackBerry mobiles have earned a well-deserved reputation for being some of the most complete, versatile, and efficient productivity tools available on the market today. And this is the reason why they continue to be favorites of mobile professionals and business executives around the world. BlackBerry mobile phones essentially serve as the Swiss Army Knives of the modern workforce, offering users the ability to multitask from one device. As BlackBerry App World continues to grow, users enjoy easy access to thousands of applications that make their work easier and more efficient. Here are some top picks to increase business productivity on your smartphone.


Evernote is among the most used cross-platform note-taking apps and has already won a few accolades. Evernote lets you create a to-do list, save Twitter updates, take down virtual notes and upload files. The app can also be used for jotting down important details while in a meeting, automatically syncing them to other devices. You can also take photos of business cards and quickly save them to your account.

File Manager Pro

This app gives you the ability to send huge files through your mobile phone by zipping them first – you can also zip and unzip documents received via email.  File Manager Pro acts helps to organize your smartphone and includes a text editor that lets you view and edit text files. Developed by Terra Mobility, File Manager Pro boasts a straightforward navigation system that makes incredibly user-friendly.


For professionals who find themselves constantly besieged by unwanted text messages or phone calls, AlertMatrix is the answer. This app gives users the ability to prioritize certain senders based on their email addresses or phone numbers. You will only be alerted when you have important messages from a family member or client. The app also lets you assign different ringtones and alerts to different people, so that you know who exactly is calling. When used optimally, AlertMatrix can manage all you BlackBerry phone’s incoming calls and messages, filtering them out based on your criteria and creating a special priority inbox, free from time-wasters.

BigTinCan FaceCall

BigTinCan is a famous Australian ‘call back’ provider that allows you to make calls on their VoIP servers via your phone network. This makes for long distance calls at affordable prices. The BigTinCan FaceCall app lets you call or text users by simply clicking on their photos. The app also syncs with your Twitter account to provide your social network with real time information about the people you are messaging and calling.


Are you the type of person who is always on the go? Transform your BlackBerry smartphone into a full-fledged scanner by installing the ScanR app. This will let you convert books, notes, papers and business cards into PDF documents, faxes or text files. ScanR can also send scanned documents as faxes to colleagues, friends and co-workers.

According to studies, only 14% of the press releases posted on wire services are being optimized for search. The same study also revealed that press releases with video clips and images get shared three times more than text releases. A lot of online marketers are missing out on opportunities to get their news shared and viewed on the Internet. Here are easy way son how you can share your news to a wider audience.

Draft a release with search in mind.

Having a clear, compelling, and interesting story is no longer, you need to write a press release in a way that people can easily find your company online. Reporters are now using search engines like Google and Bing to search for story ideas and sources. You can begin by making a list of phrases and keywords that are relevant to your organization. Cross-check these items by using Google Keyword Tool to determine how much volume and competition are brought by these keywords. As soon as you have decided on a set of keywords, make sure you place them in the headlines, sub headlines, and throughout the body.

Place search-optimized images on your release.

Include images on your release that can make a huge difference in coverage. Use images that truly define the news that you are trying to share. Make sure you optimize these images by tagging them with your keywords. You can also include the news’ headline in the name and tags of the photo. If you are releasing a new product, don’t just include a photo of the product, but make sure you show customers using it.

Boost PR release with engagement.

Data from Crowd Factory and PR Newswire have revealed that adding a picture to your press release increases customer engagement by 14 percent. But this number actually doubles when you add a video to it. Video clips dramatically increases interactions, impressions, and PR syndications. When making videos, make sure you focus on the news itself and avoid advertising yourself on the clip. Simply putting a link in the video will not do the trick. Make sure you have the video embedded in the release itself.

And don’t forget to release your news to the best distribution site on the web. Check out press release reviews and make sure you find a company that is worth your time and money.